UAE announcing mandatory military service law amendment


As per the new amendment to the national service law, the sole son of an Emirati family is exempted from military service permanently. However, officials explained through their social media platforms that the only son of a family, a father or mother, is permanently exempted from the national service. 

If a man has a female sibling is not at all considered the only child; this is verified in the official papers from the competent authority in the UAE. 

There is a peculiarity for those who express their longing to join the national service when they accomplish the other conditions established under this law and published decisions. In this case, the son should complete the whole duration of national service, and he should not be called up for fighting in the front line. 

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Federal Law No. 6 for 2014 on Military Service and Reserve Force, as revised, stated that all medically healthy Emirati men must accomplish the national service after obtaining permission from the National and Reserve Service Committee of UAE Armed Forces General Command.

As per the law, nevertheless, of their education, the service is optional for the women. 

Following Resolution No..15 of 2022, the amendment of some requirements of Resolution No. 6 of 2016, Regarding the Amendment of the National service Period, the national service period for male recruits holding a high school diploma or its equivalent and above has been curtailed to 11 months. The duration is extended to three years for those who still need to complete high school. 

According to the Resolution, the span of national service for female recruits is about 11 months. 

Conclusion :

The above report focused on military services and its law, which states that all medically healthy Emirati men must complete national service for at least 11 months. However, the benefits are optional for women, and the duration for female recruits is also about 11 months. 

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