UAE’s first Electric Ambulance Launching At Arab Health Conference

Electric Ambulance
Electric Ambulance

This week, an electric ambulance manufactured in the UAE and accommodated with the most advanced technologies will be launched. 

Electric Ambulance

NAFFCO, one of the GCC’s leading suppliers and producers of safety solutions, said that it was submitting this first-of-its-kind ambulance made in the UAE at the Arab Health conference2023. 

The world’s most extensive trade and networking exhibition for the healthcare industries will start from January 30 to February 2, 2023, at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai.

NAFFCO is also highlighting its latest products, intelligent technologies for the healthcare sector, and other inventions which can assist the industry in pushing forward. 

The electric ambulance is equipped with some of the most advanced communication technologies available, hands-free, voice-activated, and wearable computing solutions that can provide an extensive overview of the medical conditions to the medical professionals about the patients in the ambulance before reaching the hospital. 

The solutions permit honest communication with remote co-workers and medical professionals for supporting medical training, proctoring, rounding, and specialist consultations. Apart from this, the project also illustrates a step towards the country’s zero-emission goals by navigating sustainable operations in the sector. 

Eng Khalid Al-Khatib, Chief Executive Officer, said that NAFFCO has invariably worked to distinguish itself as a non-stop giver for all forms of safety and health projection systems. Hence, NAFFCO has produced the first sustainable vehicle in the UAE, which can be considered an essential step towards the zero-emission goal of the country. 

NAFFCO manufactures and provides medical products for practitioners across the region, along with ambulances for hospitals, emergency rooms, and dental clinics. Hence, NAFFCO is dedicated to playing its part and upholding its responsibility by developing sustainable and innovative health solutions. 

Through its latest initiative, the company continues to promote innovative and advanced technologies in the sector by providing outstanding medical care solutions. 


The above report stated the importance of the electric ambulance made in the UAE, which is considered an outstanding invention that will be launched in Dubai this week and is regarded as the best example of sustainable and intelligent technology. 

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