Majority of UAE employees consider changing jobs in 2023


A survey by LinkedIn found that around 75 percent of the UAE employees are considering changing jobs in 2023, with the confidence that they will find a new position that will provide flexibility and a higher salary. 

As per LinkedIn, only 10 percent of Emirates workers said they needed more confidence in finding a new job.

Apart from this, the world’s largest professional network also confirmed that 74% of the UAE reporters also said they had the confidence to demand promotions and new opportunities in their existing companies. In comparison, 70% are confident about asking for a price rise.

UAE Employees Changing Jobs: Stats behind the UAE’s hiring boom

Ali Matar, chief of LinkedIn Mena and EMEA, stated, “Despite the uncertain economic conditions and the recession in global hiring, that is making its way into the region, and that is why we are still viewing a sufficient number of professionals looking for either grow in their organizations or switching of jobs in 2023, as many are craving for bigger salaries as the global cost of living is rising uncontrollably .”

Workforces know their value in the job markets and take charge of their career by investing in new skills. It is obvious that after the pandemic, professionals have built stability, and we are noticing this in their confidence to gear up the year ahead.”

The UAE job market has made a good recovery from the coronavirus that caused a slowdown and is now boosted by the fiscal and monetary measures of the government. 

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The Arab world’s leading economy has essayed numerous economic, social, and legal reforms to strengthen its business environment, increase its foreign investment, attract skilled UAE employees with new visas, and provide inducements to companies to set up or expand their functions. 

It also introduced an unemployment insurance programme implemented on January 1.

Recruitment specialist Michael Page stated in a report in November that, ‘ The jobs market in the UAE is anticipated to strengthen in 2023, navigating through robust market confidence and foreign investment as companies develop their international presence in the Emirates.

The LinkedIn report found that’ Considering the top reasons for a better job change, 37 percent of the UAE employees picked higher pay, 34 highlighted better work-life balance, and 31 percent referred to feeling confident in their potential to land a better position.

Hence it is noted that flexible working, and a legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic, stayed a top priority for the UAE employees. 


The above report highlights the reasons for employee job changes in the UAE. According to LinkedIn, High salaries and flexibility are the two main reasons that urge UAE employees to seek a better position in the future.

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