The Revolutionary Journey Of Ahmed Alsharabi Focused Towards Pet Care


Pets are a part of a pet owner’s everyday life. Understanding their importance is crucial, and everyone would want to give them the best care and love. Several people go beyond the everyday love for their pets and try to come up with ideas to transform the lives of all pets. One of such people that we came across is Ahmed Alsharabi.

When we say he is a pet lover, we don’t mean he just likes to own pets. It’s beyond that! He started a whole company just for the betterment of pets. He is the owner and founder of PETS PLANET, a company that provides services and supplies to the whole market in Yemen. Before jumping into the details, we asked Ahmed Alsharabi about his career journey. Let’s see how it took place.

Turning Love For Pets Into Proper Care

When we asked Ahmed Alsharabi about his career journey, he said, “The journey begins with love and passion. I have loved pets since I was a kid, and when I saw the market doesn’t provide any good products and services for pets, I decided to go forward with this opportunity and provide what is not available in Yemen.

We also asked Ahmed about what were the challenges he faced during this. Ahmed says, “Establishing this kind of business was not easy during the situation in the country. We have worked hard by educating people and making them understand and know more about their pets and health, and we have faced many hard challenges but we have made a huge success.

According to Ahmed, PETS PLANET has become the best place for pet owners, organizations, companies, and markets.

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PETS PLANET Catering To Pet’s Needs

The idea behind PETS PLANET is to provide the needs of pet’s food, supplements, vet medicines, and vaccines with the best quality the international market can offer with scientific nutrition and knowledge to the pet’s parents.

We also wanted to know the mission behind PETS PLANET and what Ahmed aims to achieve through it. 

Upon asking about PETS PLANET’s goals, Ahmed said, “Our goal is to provide the best products with the highest quality and provide professional services to pet parents, companies and organizations as well. In addition, we focus on and support vet education in Yemen to increase the quality of education and reach the highest international standards. I believe that education is first and foremost important here.

Now, achieving a goal for a company is possible if there is a strong team working hard behind the scenes. So, we also asked Ahmed about his views on team and integrity. 

Team, Energy & Unity At Its Best

We asked Ahmed Alsharabi, “What makes the team successful in your opinion?” With that, he replied, “Good leadership, motivation, training, challenge, and open communication are the main keys to making the team successful.

Ahmed believes the team’s energy levels are also crucial for business success. He thinks that energy is powerful enough to create success or promote demise. He further continues, “Energy is a valuable resource. We always try our best to increase our team’s energy level by creating a good work environment that makes the team love what they are doing. Working in the pet industry is something interesting and exciting for our team, all of our team members are loving pets’ owners.”

He also talks about his views on motivating employees to work exceptionally. When we asked how one can motivate their employees, Ahmed shared his views with us, which include, “Bring the employees to the journey, by making them more responsible and have more power in the journey. Listen more to their feedback and ideas, and allow them to make a change. Supporting their education journey in different ways.

Ahmed and his team have tackled all the challenges and moved past that face to continue their business seamlessly. Their knowledge keeps them moving forward fast. This is what makes PETS PLANET unique and more trustworthy to the market and the customers. Along with knowledge, technology also has a crucial role to play here. Let’s see how.

Technology & Innovation Helping PETS PLANET Grow

We asked Ahmed Alsharabi about the role of technology and digitalization in the growth of PETS PLANET. He says:

“Business reach has increased thanks to information technology. It’s simpler than ever for businesses to conduct global commerce. Email, text, instant messaging, websites, and applications have sped up and improved global communication.

Yes, technology is helping PETS PLANET to grow, and we depend on the technology in our business, either for business visibility or for communicating directly with customers.”

He further continues his views on digitalization, stating, “The environment we live in has changed due to digitalization. More data and information than ever before are available to us. We have started utilizing this data to enhance operations, boost efficiencies, and generally enhance our quality of services and products.

PETS PLANET & The Collab With Royal Canin

The part we loved the most about PETS PLANET is that they are unique, and their innovation and passion make them stand out from the crowd. We even heard that they have collaborated with Royal Canin, a Veterinary Company focused on providing the best nutrition for pets

Royal Canin is the best company that provides healthy nutrition and vet medicines to Pets.

We asked Ahmed about his journey with Royal Canin. He said, “It was a huge move forward for PETS PLANET to represent Royal Canin in YEMEN. Which made a huge change to the pet’s health and knowledge to the customers. Now we are working together to provide their products in Yemen and support vet education in Yemen.

He further continues, “Working with Royal Canin is not only a business journey, but it is an academic journey as well. Royal Canin has its own academy that educates its team on the whole journey to be the best pet nutritionists.

Ahmed, as a pet enthusiast, also works with YAPPY PETS to bring out the magnificence of these services for a brighter future for pets. Hence, lastly, as asked Ahmed about his journey with YAPPY PETS.

Why did Ahmed Join YAPPY PETS?

When we asked Ahmed to share his journey with YAPPY PETS during our interview, he said, “YAPPY PETS, is a Singaporean company that produces pet nutrition with new nutrition philosophy and innovative ingredients, the company produces very unique products, they provide a better nutrition at better value, and made an amazing success in each market they entered, I have joined the team of YAPPY PETS by representing the company in the middle east, which I believe the company would make a huge change to the Pets nutrition in the middle east.

In addition, he also said, “My passion for knowledge and challenge took me to join YAPPY PETS, which is an excellent opportunity to learn more and do more in the Pets field.

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