Digital Transformation & Enhanced Business Consultancy With Mr. Shiju P, Managing Director, Ascentia Corporate Services UAE

Shiju P, Founder and Managing Director of Ascentia Corporate Services
Shiju P, Founder and Managing Director of Ascentia Corporate Services

Forming a business isn’t as easy as it seems. People go through several tips and suggestions to ensure they set up or proceed with their businesses seamlessly. While some people look for ways to efficiently manage their business online, others seek professional help to ensure the best results. One of such professional companies we came across is Ascentia Corporate Services.

To understand how this company based in UAE works, we interviewed Shiju P., the Founder and Managing Director of Ascentia.

We first asked him about the idea behind his company.

What’s the idea behind Ascentia?

“When a client – whether a large multinational conglomerate, a global bank, a large family office business, or an SME – is trying to identify the ideal corporate service provider for covering their all administrative, financial, and legal compliance, we ASCENTIA, one best suited to handle its corporate demands, the primary requirements would be that the firm should fulfill the following criteria, helping in ticking the boxes convincingly and quickly:

We are a fully UAE-growing company that has cut our teeth and proven our mettle over the last three years in this extremely competitive and challenging market. Our insights garnered over the years give us the capability to innovate to meet local requirements.”

Ascentia Corporate Services

Goals & Tips Shiju P. Has To Share With Us

When we asked what advice Shiju P. would like to share with beginners, Shiju replied, “Always recommend to hold three core values in your life: Positive attitude, Adapting knowledge and technology and building relationships.”

Over the next 10 years we are one of the largest corporate service providers in the GCC Region supporting large MNC’s and SME’s.” continues Shiju about his goals with Ascentia.

He is a team-oriented person who says, “We always believe in teamwork and the right attitude, that’s a key value of our success.

Now that we know how important teamwork is for Shiju and how it helps him continue towards his goals, we asked Shiju more about team integrity.

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How important are employees’ energy levels to the success of Ascentia? 

We are a resource-oriented organization, and our employees play a key role in our success. Continuous learning process in terms of knowledge and willingness to adapt new technology will improve the confidence level of our team.” continues Shiju.

We also asked Shiju how he plans to motivate his team to go the extra mile.

With that, he replied, “We always recommend our team members to perform independently and reduce the dependency level to the seniors. We believe it will create more motivation and confidence in their career level.”

Adapting To Digital Transformation & Tackling Challenges

Digitalization is becoming a part of the process for several businesses. Every company wants to live up to the worldly trends, and Ascentia is not behind in this race. When we asked Shiju about what keeps Ascentia moving forward even during challenges, he said, “Since our operations started during the pandemic time and we always believe a positive attitude and that the key value of our success.

We also asked him, “how do you think technology leads to business changes? Do you feel it’s helping Ascentia grow?

Shiju P. said, “Yes. Nowadays technology is playing a key role in all categories of business. So, our teams are fully occupied with the latest technology as per the industry standards.”

According to him, Ascentia always tries to adapt to new technology. That’s one of the critical values of their success.

Upon asking about if they use innovative ideas, Shiju replied, “Yes, we will support investors in the right direction and advisory support especially during the business formation level.

We also asked Shiju about his company’s services and future plans.

Shiju Replied:

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Corporate Services Providers based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a country that offers ample opportunities for growth in a stable and vibrant economy. Whether it’s a start-up or an established organization looking to leap to the next level, we are fully equipped to assist you in reaching the highest level of success.

To identify the highest value opportunities for your businesses and to address your most likely critical challenges, we assist organizations in providing the following services:

  • Business Setup in Mainland (Dubai), Free Zone, and Offshore.
  • Bank account opening assistance.
  • Facilitating Liaison with Government Officials & Business Community.
  • Technology Consultancy
  • Accounts, Bookkeeping, and CFO Services -outsourcing services
  • Tax Consultancy
  • HR & Payroll
  • BPO Services
  • Financial Consultancy – Financial advisory and mortgages
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Business Advisory and risk compliance
  • Immigration and document attestation services
  • ESR, UBO, CBCR & AML Compliance
  • Trademark, ISO, ICV, and PRO Services

New services: Corporate Tax advisory services.”

When we wanted to know if he wanted to share anything else with our viewers, Shiju said, “UAE is an innovative market, and the visionary leaders always follow the latest technology, so we will also follow the same. It’s a market to grow.

Connect with Shiju P. on LinkedIn.

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