Join A Pathway to Digital Transformation with FVC & Prakash Krishnamurthy

Prakash Krishnamurthy, CSO of FVC

Today, the world is undergoing exceptional transitions in terms of businesses. Leaders are coming up with advanced business models, and growth is exponential all around us. In between all this, we learned about FVC, an organization going on for more than 20 years now. It’s excellent to know how FVC has seen so many changes throughout the years.

When we asked Prakash Krishnamurthy, the CSO of FVC, about the company, he said, “In the year 2000, we envisaged a huge potential in the conferencing industry – which included Video & Audio conferencing. The top leadership team wanted to capitalize on the proximity of the complete Middle East & African region – which enlightened us towards establishing a distribution platform. At that point of time, Dubai was also emerging as a Trade Hub, which was a motivation to augment our business towards exponential levels. Today, FVC is a highly reputed distribution entity conducting business in nearly 50+ countries with local offices in key regions all across the MEA territory. FVC has also diversified its operations in 4 divisions – UCC, AV, Services & Cybersecurity.

Companies have different goals – but the most common dream is to attain immense success. “Our goal is to continue to be one of the leading distribution platforms by introducing niche and innovative technologies and solutions across the MEA region. FVC will strive hard to build a plethora of highly skilled, committed and empowered channel community. After achieving a robust 30% growth in the year 2021 – we are poised at the juncture of leap-frogging exponentially towards aspirational revenue growth of 40% YOY.” says Prakash Krishnamurthy. 

Career Pathway of Prakash Krishnamurthy

In 1991, Mumbai, the age where one of the greatest technological innovations were fax machines & xerox machines, began the professional journey of Prakash Krishnamurthy. The era was such that PBX systems were considered to be the best communication tool for companies. From a humble beginning as a Sales Executive to holding various positions like Territory Manager, All India Business Development Manager (BDM), Key Account Manager, Branch Manager, Product Manager, Regional Manager, General Manager, Vice President and finally as a COO & CSO – the 30 year journey has been debilitating, Exciting & profoundly enlightening. Today, when I am able to grow a company – there is a profound feeling that I have contributed to the society by giving job opportunities and making many families happier by bringing prosperity”. 

Over the years, the career path of Prakash Krishnamurthy evolved to the current position of CSO at FVC. From the 10 years of techno-commercial work experience in India to the transition to the Middle East & African Region in FVC (2002), Prakash has been able to attain immense growth in his personal career.

When asked about his career journey, Prakash said, “Over the last 20 years, I have been associated with a variety of technological domains like Videoconferencing, Network Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, RPA, Big Data & Cloud Solutions mostly through the value-added distribution (VAD) network. My personal belief is that today’s generation is exposed to a large ecosystem of technological advancements. The opportunities in Cybersecurity, Big Data, RPA, Videoconferencing and AI are humungous… If they stay focused on building their career without any distractions – then they can surely attain a fulfilling and successful career.

A Mindset for Integrated Team & Success – FVC

For a company to be successful, there needs to be integrity, effective communication among team members, and a passion for growing together. Both the leader and the team members need to work hard together in our views. When asked for the same, Prakash replied, “A successful team is always backed by a group of empowered and highly motivated leaders. Every company needs to build a “path of progress” within their environment which will induce passion and ambition to all the employees. This systemic enhancement generates immense momentum leading to consistent growth.

This shows how Prakash believes leaders also play a crucial role in determining a team’s success. According to him, “K.S. Parag, the Managing Director of FVC, has a strong role in integrating the FVC team. Under his leadership, the FVC team aspires to be a leading and successful big company in the coming years.

For attaining success, employees’ energy levels also play a vital role. Their role is of paramount importance, as per Prakash Krishnamurthy. As per him, “Energy levels depict whether the environment is charged and electrified – or negative with despair and hopelessness. Happiness and motivation are contagious. If the senior leaders are ebullient and enthusiastic – it automatically percolates down to the complete breadth and depth of the employee community.

He also believes that we don’t need to push employees out of their limits to go the extra mile. If an employee gets realistic targets and goals (KPIs), he will automatically be motivated to over-achieve and willing to take on bigger challenges and responsibilities.

Paving Ways Ahead, Forging Through Challenges

We asked Prakash about what keeps FVC moving forward even during challenges. What he said was truly inspirational. He said, “One of the greatest strengths of FVC is its agility and flexibility. Being a growing establishment with a lean top management team – gives us the ability to take fast decisions and react quickly to market changes. During challenging times – it was easy for us to empower our leaders to shoulder additional responsibilities. This way, we could not only overcome challenges – but also grow in a highly competitive environment.

The Advent of Technological Growth

We should keep adapting to the market trends to be aligned with worldly situations. Even technology has immense importance nowadays. “Technology has always been the biggest contributor towards building innovative solutions across all industries. As a technology company, we have always spearheaded the introduction of unique and niche solutions in the middle east region. Our technological affiliations are deeply evaluated by our team, and only when we see a tangible value in the offering – then we move forward with the association.” says Prakash Krishnamurthy, the CSO of FVC. 

We also asked him about his views on Digitalization. As per him, “Digitalization helps in generating new opportunities for growth. It helps in capturing and retaining customers and potential partnerships directly. We are also exploring avenues to build a user-friendly marketplace as a step towards “ease of doing business” with FVC.”  

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Uniqueness, Innovative and Exceptional Services – 3-In-1 Combo

Innovation helps a business become more advanced, and using unique ideas helps it stay ahead of the competition. Prakash says, “Ideating and innovating has become a necessity in today’s competitive world. As technologies keep evolving – it automatically gives us the expertise to conjure up a unique solution. We strive hard to extend a unique offering to our customer and partner community.

Along with innovation, every business has specific services that they offer. Their type of services helps us decide whether we need their assistance or not. That’s why we asked him about their services. 

FVC has four Business units – UCC, AV, Cybersecurity, and Services.

  • In UCC (Unified communication and collaboration) – we are tied up with industry-leading technologies like Poly, Logitech, Lenovo, Zoom & Microsoft Teams.
  • In AV (Audio Visuals) – we are tied up with established organizations like Barco, Smart, Prysm, Yamaha, Biamp & Legrand.
  • In the services division – we offer training and enablement to our partner community and support them in complex project deployment of customers.
  • In IT IS (Infrastructure and Information security) – we have fantastic products like BeyondTrust, Netscout, Invicti, colortokens, sangfor, Cyble, and many more upcoming niche technologies.

These are the services that FVC provides. They are doing a great job. The company also has social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Lastly, we asked Prakash,” Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?

He said, “We at FVC are continuously innovating, ideating and introducing unique solutions to the middle eastern market. Visit our website at FVC.COM to keep up with the industry trends….

Connect with Prakash Krishnamurthy on LinkedIn.

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