ApprenticeGig Towards A Sustainable Way of Technology-Based Business

Joseph Daramola, CEO & Founder of ApprenticeGig

ApprenticeGig is a sustainable way of upskilling and re-skilling apprentices, giving them a chance to earn as well. Further, the platform has a sustainable collective design to advance the skills in infrastructure & automation, institutional training, convergence, overseas employment, trainers, sustainable livelihoods, and leveraging public infrastructure. 

Covid-19 has fast-tracked the key stages of all digital transformation, Empowering employees, Engaging customers, Supply Chain Optimised Operations, Manufacturing, Services and products those few mentioned are the key elements of effectively designing the ApprenticeGig”, says Joseph Daramola, the CEO & Founder of ApprenticeGig.

Do you want to know how it began and what else is there about ApprenticeGig? Continue further to know more about it. 

The Beginning Of An Immersive Journey

Joseph’s journey in this immersive technology career began in 2017 as a leader & Co-Founder of Gig Economy Platform. Furthermore, the main focus of Joseph and his partner was on the Gig Economy, a marketplace to connect short project-based employment. This was how he branched out to this new startup, the ApprenticeGig. 

When asked about his advice for beginners, Joseph replied, “My advice to any new beginner of a startup or business is to prepare for a lot of unexpected rejections but to bear in mind just one Yes or agreed vision backing is all that is needed in the long list of rejections.

This advice was very inspirational, and we hope it helps any beginners out there stay motivated! In addition, for any business to succeed, a well-planned goal is crucial. That’s why we asked Joseph about the Goal of ApprenticeGig.

The Goal of the ApprenticeGig is to create and facilitate a designed new system of up-skilling re-skilling and earning even before one starts learning and moving onto working in a sustainable flexible manner encouraging continues learning driven by new technology with the most important factor been the previous time and investment in education which are again required in the up-skill and or re-skilling process for the new wave of optimization upgrade required in the new digital economy of today.” says Joseph.

Integrity Among Team in ApprenticeGig

We all know the importance of teamwork and integrity within a company. A true leader makes the team successful. Let’s see what Joseph has to say about making a successful team: “In my view a dynamic environment which allows to try and test solutions for complex problems and allowing a self or team regulated psychological processes and activities are necessary to achieve ill-defined goals that routine actions cannot reach, Hence the combinations of knowledge and creativity as a broad set of design strategy.

Not only this, but he is also of the view that only the energy levels of employees aren’t the sole factors that determine a company’s success. Instead, the smart ways they use counts more align with the enthusiasm. “As there is a common saying for one to be wary of the quietest person in the room. “says Joseph. 

When we asked him about how he plans to motivate his team to go the extra mile, Joseph replied that offering accountable freedom is the answer to this. 

ApprenticeGig Emerging Brighter Than Ever

“Office Address: in5 Tech Incubator, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, near Tram Station and Cordoba Residence, Dubai – UAE”

Which business doesn’t go through challenges? However, they tackle all the challenges with hard work and dedication. After all, every dark night is followed by sunrise! When we asked Joseph about how ApprenticeGig is growing exponentially even during challenges, he said that challenges are inspirations that help us learn to be innovative and come up with solutions that are constantly tested and fine-tuned. 

Aligning With The Era of Digitalization

With the advent of the digital transformation, new digital economies and new technology its my believe we are at the beginning of (3) new Amazons (3) new Netflix, (3) New Linkedin (3) SapceX (3) Microsoft etc, And all this points to new technological skilled focused employment and employees for either start those companies or be employed by those that take the lead to challenge the legacy way of doing things, Furthermore its not only the banking system facing disruption or change its the entire world of business and the exchange of goods and services even including how we Govern.“ said Joseph on technology and its influence in his company. 

ApprenticeGig and the team puts immense focus on easy connectivity to all. This includes first helping people use skills to hedge against the next few years of inflation, earning, learning, payments and flexible continuous learning, which includes up-skill and re-skill. 

ApprenticeGig uses innovation in the form of trying different and unique ways of performing tasks through inventing, designing, innovating, etc. – everything is a goal-driven task that requires forward-thinking. In addition, it requires trying out things that have never been done before to become unique as a whole. The company encourages technology. They even have social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram

Apprentice Debit

The ApprenticeGig consists of a Jobs connection application, a Token and Payment Wallet Account, and Debit card. It is the world’s #1 layer 2 operator providing liquidity tools for learning and work, web available on iOS & Android. Further, the Apprentice Token serves as a student loan’s counterpart based in Dubai, The UAE.

We asked one last question from the CEO & Founder of ApprenticeGig. Let’s see what answer we got!


Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?

I would like to define two elements. First is Upskilling, which focuses on helping employees become more knowledgeable and develop new competencies that relate to their current position. Re-skilling is about equipping workers to switch lanes and move into new roles within an organization or employment role.

The second is crypto assets or cryptocurrencies – a virtual digital form of exchange based on cryptography and peer-to-peer networking. I use the Apprentice Token as an example. It can act as a medium of exchange for all financial transactions. In addition, other crypto-asset classifications applicable are utility coins, security coins, liquidity tokens and cryptocurrencies. The currency is secure so that it can create additional units and transfer assets. Most of these tokens or coins mentioned are built on blockchain technology with traceability on a decentralized distributed ledger.

I mention the above as we are a leading innovative company combining those definitions to enhance abilities by design. 

This was our interview with Joseph Daramola, the CEO & Co-Founder of ApprenticeGig.

Connect with him on LinkedIn to learn more!

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