Living In UAE – Things Expats in UAE Should Know

Living In UAE – Things Expats In UAE Should Know

Living in UAE means better business opportunities, lavishing quality of life, more room for growth, and a means to live in a luxurious place. From exceptional nightlife to wonderful natural beauty – you can embark on adventurous and thrilling experiences in the UAE. 

Human beings acquire various cultures such as knowledge, art, beliefs, law, morals, customs, habits, and aptitudes not only in the family but also for being part of a society of which they are a member. Surrounded by curiosities, it is only after living in UAE that we get aware of several stories circulating on the internet about one of the world’s richest and most luxurious cities. 

From Expo 2020 to the mass migration of millionaires to UAE, the country is seeing immense transformations within the last 2-3 years.

This post will show you some of the Dubai lifestyle ideas you might not know about living in UAE. Let’s begin

Living in UAE – An Expat Destination

Al Qudra Desert, Dubai, UAE

First things first! Approximately 90% of the entire UAE consists of mountainous and desert terrains. However, that doesn’t stop the luxurious country from staying ahead regarding technology, advanced way of living, wide array of business opportunities and whatnot.

The country includes around 50% of the population of the expat community. People from around the world have relocated to this country of 7 small emirates – each being exceptional on its own. Who doesn’t know the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi? 

Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the largest cities in the country among the 7. The country also has a high living standard with exceptional health, education and business facilities.

Business & Job Opportunities in UAE

Over the last couple of years, a new Emiratisation program states that companies have to reduce the unemployment of the nationals. As a result, foreign workers have trouble landing their dream jobs. 

However, the country never fails to acknowledge the skills of talented people. If you have enough skills and talent and do hard work, you can get a job or start a successful business in UAE. We have come across several companies founded by individuals recently relocating to Dubai. 

Life In UAE – Costs Of Relocating To Dubai or Other City

UAE Skyline

Within 4 decades (approximately), the country has undergone a complete transformation from a tribal culture to an entrepreneurial, luxurious, and advanced world of its own. The success story is exceptional. 

Now, one thing worth noting here is that relocating to Dubai or any other city in the UAE can be quite expensive, especially if you aren’t relocating alone. You would ask, “what type of costs would I incur when relocating to Dubai?” Most of them are related to visas, shifting expenses, accommodation, etc. Let’s check it out in detail.

Shipping Belongings

If you ask about the topmost aspect in terms of expenses, shipping your belongings would be the one. The country from which you are relocating to UAE also matters in terms of such costs. 

In addition, the more stuff you take, the more expensive it may become. On average, people pay around (it may increase or decrease as well) 10,000-25,000 AED for shipping all their belongings (including furniture, electronics, clothes, etc.). 

Visa/Work Permit

If you aren’t a GCC national, you won’t be ab;e to live in the country without a Visa. That’s why you would have to get an employment VIsa to continue living in the luxurious place. 

The 30-day visa cost in UAE is between 150-350 AED, depending on the processing fee or any additional charges. However, if you get a job employment Visa, then it will be more efficient for you.


Another thing you need to know about living in UAE is the accommodation costs. Different types of apartments in UAE have different types of costs of rent. You would be glad to know that you can rent out sharing flats to cut extra costs in case you are on a low budget. There are female-only living accommodations and male-only living accommodations as well for bachelors. 

Expats in UAE may incur costs anywhere from 2000-25,000 AED depending on the flat, room, apartment, or Villa you rent out. In addition, the cost may also vary depending on the location. 

For example, relocating to Dubai would incur fewer rent costs if you go to Deira or International City. However, you would find the places costlier if you are going to other places like Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and more. 

Lavishing Lifestyle, Places & Food 

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Enough with the work and costs. It’s time to dive into some entertainment and fun-related aspects of living in the UAE. UAE is a diverse and multi-cultured place. The place has hundreds of fun activities and unusual things to do. From the fine dining experience, rooftops, and dinner shows to go-carts, horse & camel rides and adventurous parks, UAE provides all the fun activities you would ever need! 

Here, you would be amazed to know about the Dubai lifestyle. Being the largest city in the country, Dubai is famous for Burj Khalifa. And who can forget the Palm Jumeirah, the ultimate place exceeding expectations? 

That’s not it! We can’t miss out on the delicious food of UAE. The deliciousness of the traditional Harees, Margooga, Maq’louba, etc., is exceptional. On top of that, who can miss the scrumptious Shawarma filled with love and deliciousness?

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Final Words

So finally, these were some of the important aspects for you before living in UAE. Enjoy your coming life in UAE with some memorable experiences. 

However, plan ahead about the costs, job, and living accommodation in UAE. It’s because you wouldn’t want to rush anything. You can ask professionals about relocating to Dubai or another place of your choice in UAE and keep in mind the luxurious life in UAE ahead. 

Furthermore, it would be even better if you get a good work opportunity in the place to bear the living expenses easily. 

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