Marvelous Living Room Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Marvelous Living Room Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Is it time to give your seating arrangement an excellent old plump-up? Does the lighting you use glare rather than glow? These marvelous living room design ideas for small spaces will transform your place from one lived-in into one you love to be in.

The most accessible rooms to decorate are by far the living rooms. They are also the least expensive rooms to remodel because you can even do it on the weekend. There are several lounge decor tips and tactics to change things up, whether working with a small, large or simply weird living room.

Top Living Room Design Ideas For Small Spaces | Complete Revamp

These are some of the best living room design ideas for small spaces that you can try to add a fantastic look to your room.

#1. Use A Floor Rug

Floor Rug

Add texture underfoot while zoning a seating area or relaxation corner with one of the best rug designs that unite your scheme with an accent color. As shown here, try layering a smaller patterned design over a more prominent natural textured rug for an added layer (quite literally) of tactility. 

If you don’t have the budget for whole new flooring, laying a new rug can add an extra layer of coziness and style to your living room without breaking the bank.

Pick a rug with a pattern since it will highlight accent colors and offer a whimsical touch when matched with a minimalist design.

Your carpet is the ideal location to begin when establishing a warm living area. It is the perfect ground to create a cozy and friendly interior design because of the wool underfoot texture and warm hue or welcoming pattern. This is one of the best living room design ideas gfor small spaces as you would need a rug anyway. 

#2. Add a Simple Bookshelf

Bookshelf In Living Room

If neutral decor slows your creative side, consider using colorful living room design ideas for small spaces to enliven and awaken the room. We adore this solid red, yellow, and blue color scheme that pays homage to a Bauhaus-inspired color scheme made possible by a white bookshelf embellished with some paint, stencils, and stickers. For a highly affordable and frugal piece of furniture that looks designer, get something on Facebook Marketplace or pick up a cheap item on eBay.

#3. Conceal Your TV

The subject of how to conceal a TV is one that we frequently get. We get that you want a TV to binge-watch Bridgerton (yes, again), but the ample space in your living room bothers you. 

There are several ways to hide the TV in the living room, from painting the wall a dark color to using a technique like this where you conceal the TV behind shutters. This suits your living room wihtotu taking any space. That’s why it’s one of the best living room design ideas for small spaces.

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#4. Choose Multifunctional Furniture

A living room in black and white with a giant black-framed mirror, cow-print rug, and bubble-effect wall art will look amazing.

Knowing how to buy living room furniture to pick practical pieces is crucial since you never want a living room to feel overstuffed with furniture. It is perfect because it will save you space to have a table that serves as a stool and another object, like an ottoman. Hence, we can call it one of the best living room design ideas for small spaces.

When you need more surface area, nested furniture, like beautiful coffee tables in the living room, is ideal because it doesn’t take up the entire space.

#5. Use Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants In Living Room

Add plenty of houseplants to your living room. It’s an easy and affordable way to give the room some life and greenery. Invest in a selection of tiny and large indoor plants or place them on attractive DIY plant stands. You can also scatter them over the space on bookcases, sideboards, and mantelpieces.

Your living room’s aesthetic will also be influenced by the plants you choose; a palm will give it an exotic boho vibe, but a bonsai will provide a more refined and structured appearance.

#6. Add Photographs

Photographs On Wall

Living room decorating doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you’re renting for a short time. You may lean a collection of prints, paintings, and frames against a wall. Pick frames of various sizes, keep the color scheme simple, and allow sufficient room between the pieces. 

Here, the combination of sepia and monochrome photographs that are brought to life by the gin bottle and lush vegetation is something we enjoy. This won’t even take space which is why adding photographs adds more to living room design ideas for small spaces.

#7. Create Space Illusion With Mirror

Mirror In Living Room

Mirror design ideas will always be practical for a living room layout that will offer light and space.

If your living room is small or dark, adding a reflective surface will only improve the situation by enlarging the area and bringing in more light. We understand magic.

#8. Use Lightings

Pendant Lighting

While these three types of lighting must be sorted out when developing a living room lighting plan, ambient, task and accent lighting is only one aspect of living room lighting. The effect of the fittings is another issue.

Pendant lighting in a living room should be used sparingly (overhead fixtures utilized alone will make the room feel soulless and dismal). However, it’s crucial to pick the right ones and place them strategically for the best effect.

#9. Contrast With Another Color

Why not add a new accent color to the design to freshen it up if you’re bored with how your living room looks but adore the primary color you’ve used? As you can see in this fantastic living room, you may paint your walls a color that contrasts with your sofa. If you like something a little more subdued, you could introduce a second color by painting a piece of your walls. This cobalt blue living room has a vibrant color punch for a dynamic appearance.

#10. Give A Contemporary Rustic Look

Rustic Look

These days, modern-rural living rooms can be found everywhere. The simplest method to achieve the effect is to combine some natural textures with all those design-driven pieces. You can also soften the space by adding throw pillows and blankets to your seating.

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Wrapping It Up

A smaller room will feel cozier and more welcoming if the walls are a deeper shade, like navy or deep green. Consider size and an excellent living room lighting design when choosing colors for your living room.

Fortunately, most colors will appear well in a room with lots of natural light. However, if your living room faces north and may be dark due to a lack of natural light, you should warm up the room with warmer tones and stay away from anything very extraordinary.

Hope this article helps you get your required living room design ideas for small spaces. After all, you would want to make your living room appear beautiful with the available area and it surely is possible!


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