Benefits Of Owning Electric Cars In Dubai

Benefits Of Electric Cars In Dubai

Dubai is developing at a rapid pace. There are more and more electric cars on the streets of the city, which, even in extreme heat, show increased comfort and convenience for the users. We decided to check these and collected for you some of the important reasons why you should own electric cars in Dubai.

Charge Anytime, Anywhere

Chargers For Electric Cars

Generally, it is difficult for electric cars to find a charger and they take a long time to charge. However, in Dubai, almost every parking lot is equipped with a fast charger, or at least a plug from which you can charge your car slowly.

Secondly, almost all charging points are free of cost. In the hotels and shopping centers, no one asks to pay. But it should be noted that it is necessary to clarify the conditions everywhere. In some places, parking is limited to a few hours of free mode, and then you still need to pay. You can check the availability of chargers on the website or ask someone in charge of the charging station.

Maintenance That Doesn’t Bother You

The climate in Dubai is quite specific. Due to the large amount of sand and high temperatures, internal combustion engine cars are being serviced here more often than usual. About once every 5,000 km you should change the engine oil, as well as all filters. Against the backdrop of global production shutdowns, logistical and economic global problems, it is now becoming much more difficult and expensive to do this.

The electric cars in Dubai can easily work without all these manipulations. You need to do maintenance once a year and maybe less often. Basically it will be the replacement of air filters and brake pads. Unlike cars with an internal combustion engine, electric cars can also be braked by the “engine,” while using the energy thus generated to regenerate, that is, charge the car.

Air Conditioning Available Immediately

Dubai is a hot city, especially in the summer season. The temperature outside the window can easily exceed +40° and, of course, it is almost impossible to move here without ventilation and air conditioning systems. Most of the cars in Dubai are equipped with special enhanced air conditioning systems. However, even these do not start to work effectively right from the moment you launch the car. After turning on the ignition of a car with an internal combustion engine, it should take some time until the car gives you those very skin-friendly air currents. But unlike them, electric cars in Dubai are ready to cool you down almost immediately. 

Transport Of The Future For The City Of The Future

Dubai, the city of the future

If you have been to Dubai, then, you could not help but feel the atmosphere of the future reigning here – from incredibly tall buildings to subways without drivers. Living in Dubai means getting a few years ahead of technology. And, of course, electric cars in Dubai help you to plunge into this atmosphere even more.

Most electric machines are already equipped with all the “smart” functions that are not available on all configurations of cars with an internal combustion engine. Lane keeping, adaptive cruise control and the autopilot system. Do you want to know the charge of the car without leaving your apartment or house? Easy, all data can be viewed directly on your smartphone. These and other benefits take you into the future today.

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ESG agenda And Zero Emissions – Electric Cars In Dubai

Of course, the very first reason for owning electric cars in Dubai should be your environmental awareness. Cars with internal combustion engines produce a huge amount of emissions into the environment, a number of which directly affect the kind of world we live in.

It’s not just about the CO2 that is produced while the engine is running. We are talking about all the waste that a car generates. From engine oil to brake scale. Buying electric cars in Dubai is a contribution to the development of the world and a whole industry of a new type of car with its own philosophy.

Of course, there are some reservations. First, electricity in the UAE is largely produced by burning oil and gas products. Secondly, the issue of production and disposal of batteries for electric vehicles is open. But if in the case of electricity in the UAE, a nuclear power plant will soon be opened, and this barrier will be removed, then the issue of recycling and production is still open. And its solution primarily depends on the demand for electric machines and investments in this industry.

Final Words

Against the background of the global economic crisis, queues at gas stations, and the significant amounts that have to be paid for the maintenance of cars with an internal combustion engine, electric cars in Dubai have a good chance to beat internal combustion cars in this competitive race.

Now you will understand the reasons for owning an electric car in Dubai. So what are you waiting for? Take a chance and buy a brand new car. 

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