Museum of the Future Dubai – Take a Peek of the Future

Museum of The Future

Everyone is amazed by the new Museum in Dubai. The Museum of the future Dubai is a masterpiece in itself. No wonder everyone wants to take a glance into the museum of the future inside view. 

It’s been only a few months since the Museum of the Future Dubai opening date arrived. The visitors are still excited over watching the unique technology and concept of the magnificent Museum. Dubai has always been the city where the world’s tallest building, biggest fountain and deepest pool are situated. However, it broke more records after the Museum of the future opened up.

Museum of the Future Dubai – The Unique Concept

Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future lets visitors take a glance into the future. The place operates entirely on solar power and promotes sustainability. In addition, there are thousands of artworks that are created by robots that are fantastic in themselves. It’s a torus-shaped museum relying on a network of diagonal beams. 

The architecturally stunning building where the Dubai new museum is situated in a seven-story structure. Dubai is achieving more as a modern and inclusive city. We have seen different sorts of projects in Dubai, and again, the city never fails to amaze us.

Those who haven’t visited the new Museum in Dubai may wonder how the museum of the future inside looks. Let’s see how it looks.

Dubai Museum of the Future Inside – A Sneak Peak

Museum of The Future Outside View

The new Museum in Dubai is located on Sheik Zayed Road next to Emirates Tower. You will feel as if you’re 50 years in the future. How? The Museum aims to showcase the next-gen solutions in space exploration, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR) which is believed to enhance the way our world is currently.

The Dubai Museum of the Future inside it includes 3 floors where there are exhibitions addressing topics such as ecosystems and bioengineering, space resource development, health and wellbeing. 

New Museum in Dubai


OSS Hope Time Travel


You can take a look into a huge space station in 2071 through the OSS Hope Time Travel. Furthermore, the Heal Institute interactive exhibit teaches people about their responsibility for the ecosystem. The Al Waha exhibit helps you escape into a life that reconnects you in a technology-absent world and revolves around your wellbeing. That’s not it; the new Museum in Dubai also includes 50 exhibits on the environment, waste management, food security, city planning, agriculture and irrigation. 

Wander into the Future


Wondering who designed the Museum of the future in Dubai? Shaun Kill of Kill Design designed it. Furthermore, the Museum of the future works on solar power with 4,000 megawatt-hours which sources from a solar park. 

It’s made using fiberglass and stainless steel and has awestruck the visitors with its unique concept. Furthermore, even the brand ambassador of Dubai and the famous Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan provided a sneak peek into the future shown in the new Museum in the city. 

Shahrukh Khan into A Futuristic Journey in the Museum of the Future Dubai

Shahrukh Khan Exploring The Museum of The Future Dubai

In the recent advertising campaign showing the Museum of the future tour, we could see King Khan experiencing the vibrant landmarks inthe city, including the Museum of the Future. The campaign is named “Creating the Future With Shah Rukh Khan’.
Join The Futuristic Journey of Shahrukh Khan

The actor walks around the future and lets us embark with him on the futuristic journey through the view, where he invites us to experience the immersive grandeur of the new Museum. He shows the Dubai museum of the future inside and the possibilities that await us to unearth. 

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Final Words

Take on a marvelous future journey with the new Museum operating only on Solar panels. The Museum of the future combines the concepts of future, technology and sustainability – all at once. The excitement is noticeable all around us where people are getting Museum of the future tickets to embark on the immersive journey. 

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