Weaving The Future of eCommerce With Splashlight Studios – Kartik Jobanputra

Meet Kartik Jobanputra, CEO & Founder of Splashlight Studios.

The eCommerce industry is growing to a great extent, especially in this modern era of digitalization. What’s more, is the fact that there’s still a massive gap between fashion and technology. There’s a complex need for proper solutions in the eCommerce industry. Splashlight Studios is a one-stop destination for all such complex eCommerce issues. 

To know more about the innovative solutions that Splashlight Studios bring to the table, we interviewed Kartik Joganputra, the CEO and Founder of Splashlight Studios LLC. They also have social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With extensive experience in the eCommerce field, Kartik is a passionate entrepreneur focused on his goals. Want to know how his business goes? Learn about it from him below!

A Little About Kartik’s Journey

When we asked Kartik to tell us how his professional journey started, he said:

“Although my professional journey began in 2004, I started Apex Entertainment in 2006. The company focused on creating lucrative events and brand strategy solutions. I entered the eCommerce industry in 2011 and have been on this journey since then. 

I started Splashlight Studios in 2020 with a motive to provide extensive solutions to clients in terms of eCommerce shoots. We are an eCommerce Content Studio based in UAE & KSA.”

The Idea Behind It All

Hearing his previous answer, we were curious about how exactly he got the idea for Splashlight Studios, and we asked him as well.

With that, Kartik says, “The main idea I had behind Splashlight Studios was to help eCommerce brands who want to enhance their online reach in-between the current market trends. I saw the gap in the eCommerce industry and wanted Splashlight Studios to become a bridge for eCommerce brands and the market when it comes to digital reach. Most businesses faced a lot of troubles during Covid. However, Splashlight Studios emerged during the Covid19 phase in 2020.”

Starting such a business is not an easy task, and nor is continuing it. Being only 2 years in the business, Splashlight Studios is showing exceptional growth. But there might be some challenges behind the scenes!

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Solving Business Constraints To Evolve

We asked Kartik, “What are the challenges your business faces?”

“At the start, we had to face some troubles as it was the Pandemic phase where there was lockdown across countries. However, that didn’t stop me. I kept working hard together with my team, and I am glad it worked out this way. Another issue we faced was that we were new in the market. Making people aware of our presence and gaining their trust has been a significant part of us from the beginning. As of now, we overcame that issue of being the new one in the market.”

What do you think about teamwork? How does everyone in your team stay focused on the same goal? We asked Kartik.

Kartik shares, “We believe in team integrity. Personally, I think that when different mindsets and approaches get combined, we can create a new and unique business plan. That’s why everyone in our team has a hand in the decision-making of our company’s major aspects. On top of that, our team is very energetic, passionate, and hard working towards achieving the goals. I think that from the very beginning, my team has been a great support to Splashlight Studios.”

Strength Factors Towards Enhanced Business

“Teamwork is one part of the pathway to business success. What about following the current trends? To know more, we asked Kartik about his views on digitalization. 

The Pathway To Digital Transformation

We asked Kartik, “What are your views on digital transformation in this modern era? Do you think it’s helping businesses?”

“I think digital transformation is crucial nowadays as per the current market trends. It has become a trendsetter. With Blockchain, Metaverse, and whatnot, everything around us seems to be evolving digitally. We are even focused on helping clients get better popularity digitally. From different shooting zones, extensive photoshoots, and Video production to product photography and campaign strategies, I believe that digitalization has been a major part of our company.”

Lastly, we asked him, “Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?”

He replies, “If you wish to start something of your own, ensure that you work towards it passionately. I believe that any business’s most important point is understanding customer requirements. Meeting client’s expectations is the number one factor crucial to business while providing quality stands parallel to it.”

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