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Omar Azam, The Co-Founder Of Jobskey Search and Selection

We got a chance to interview Omar Azam, the Co-Founder of Jobskey Search & Selection. The platform also has social media presence on LinkedIn. With extensive experience in the HR & Executive search field, Omar also has experience in designing, developing, and implementing strategic talent management programs for C-level Executives in multiple industries. We were also interested to know more about his career journey and company. That’s why we decided to take this interview. 

Initiation of The Career Journey


Our first question to Omar was, what’s the idea behind Jobskey Search & Selection?

Omar replies, “My name is Omar Azam, Co-founder of Jobskey Search & Selection. When I completed my MBA in Marketing in the USA, my goal was to move back to my home country, Saudi Arabia, serve our nation, and help the nation and community grow. I had various options and opportunities. I pinned myself to HR and Recruitment in particular. What is better than helping our people succeed in their careers? This is how Jobskey Consultancy came into existence in 2008.”

We also got curious about how he started his journey.

We asked, “How did you begin your career journey? Do you have some advice for beginners?”

“When we started Jobskey for two years, there was no sale, our resources were all dried up, and we were running into losses as our company was bootstrapped with absolutely no funding from outside,” says Omar.

We also asked if he had any advice for beginners. With that, he said, “Our advice to beginners. Nothing is impossible, and everything is achievable if you have a vision. Put the right plan and be ready to take action. You will have many failures in your journey but be ready to innovate your product or services. Do your work with sincerity, dedication, and passion, whatever work you do at your level. If you mix passion in work or whatever you do, it becomes so easy to achieve even the impossible.”

Going Towards A Tremendous Growth

According to Omar, “Saudi Arabia is growing at a tremendous pace, and it is poised to be the undisputed Leader in the region. Aggressive reform strategies are designed and implemented to achieve a diversified private sector-led economy and a healthy and vibrant society. Our goal is set to position ourselves as One-Stop-Shop for all HR needs in the region.”

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Teamwork and Encouragement Towards Success

What makes the team successful, in your opinion? We asked Omar. 

He says, “Employees leave the organization because of their supervisors, not because of salary or organization itself. Most of our employees stayed with us almost as we established the organization 10+ years ago.”

We also asked him, “How important are employees’ energy levels to your company’s success?”

“We believe employees are the greatest asset of our organization. Further, we take every possible step to make their stay as comfortable as possible. We are amongst the first few companies who introduced WFH culture not only during COVID but still maintaining it to date. Our employees, who are almost as old as our company, enjoy making decisions, out-of-box thinking, unplanned vacations, WFM, and a hybrid work environment. We take great care to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among our employees, your biggest asset in the world is your mindset not your certificates set. Another great thing about our organization is we leave open gate offers to our ex-employees who wish to rejoin us in the future.” says Omar, the Co-Founder of Jobskey Search & Selection.

Continuing on this, we also asked Omar how he plans to motivate his team. He said:

“Each employee who joins our organization has to make business decisions at their level. They must consult their peers and supervisors when a high risk is involved. Otherwise, they are encouraged to make decisions.”

Moving Forward During Challenges 

What keeps your company moving forward even during challenges? We asked Omar.

He says, “We consider it as an incubation center. We help our employees to make day to day business decisions. Once they join us as a recruiter, they should never end as a Recruiter and in fact, should head the industry.”

We also asked Omar about his views on technology and whether he believes it helps businesses evolve.

With that, he replied, “Organizations that integrate technology in their business flourish in multiple folds. Even during covid, our company was in business and recorded 20% growth over previous years. It is all because we embraced technology in our business.”

Continuing with our previous question, we asked, “How is your company adapting to digitalization?”

“We have been a paperless company for several years now. We digitize our internal as well as external processes. Hence if the opportunity arises, we can start our new operations in any region of the world within no time.” shares Omar. 

Innovative Ideas To Enhance Services

When we asked Omar to tell us about his company’s services, he said:

“Our company offers Executive Search Services, Placement Services, Outsourcing Services, and Payroll Services. We are entering trending technology tools training, e.g., AI, Blockchain, IoT, MERN, Data Science, Data Analytics, UI/UX, Azure, DevOps, AWS, and offer placement on hire/train/deploy model.”  

Omar also shared his views on using innovative ideas. He says, “We design our strategies based on our customer feedback, never on our business practice, and we innovate and try to get wow factor from our customers.”

We asked him, “Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?”

“Executive search placement is a relatively challenging field. You need to deal with clients and candidates, meaning you must make two sales to register one. Since our product is human with emotions, at times, our assignments are not completed even after reaching 99%, and sometimes we have to redo as much to complete that balance of 1%. We advise viewers that we are consultants to the client as we charge them and never with candidates. Sometimes it takes longer to close a position, so consider us your trusted ally. If you don’t hear from us, that means we are still working with the client.” states Omar. He further says, “You can reach out to me at [email protected].”

Connect with Omar Azam on LinkedIn. 

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