UAE Petrol Price Falls In December? What’s The Price?

UAE Petrol Price Falls
UAE Petrol Price Falls

UAE Petrol Price Falls In December? What’s The Price?

On November 30 (Wednesday), the UAE announced the retail fuel prices for December. The fuel price committees decreased the rates to 2 fils per litre, which were increased to 29 fills per litre in November.

The Ministry of Energy in UAE modifies the fuel price in the last week of every month. According to the government, the UAE adjusts fuel prices to help justify energy consumption and encourage the public to use public transport more, which can be helpful in the long run and can also help inspire the use of other alternatives. 

UAE petrol prices: Motorists relieved after pricing decreased for December 

As the fuel committee updates the fuel prices every month, the government decided to deregulate the retail fuel prices, which is Dho.2 per litre.

When the fuel price committee reduced the rates of petrol for December, motorists were relieved and glad, as they were happy he believed that the increase in the global crude oil would affect the price rise in the fuel. 

On Wednesday, UAE cut the petrol prices by Dho.2 per litre for all three variants. From December 1, Super 98, Special 95, and E-Plus will be charged at Dh3.30, Dh3.18, and Dh3.11 per litre. On the other side, diesel prices have been reduced from Dho.27 per litre to Dh3.74.

Eventually, the government decided to deregulate the retail prices for fuel in August 2015, which is why the committee updated the costs every month. 

Globally, Brent crude settled at $2.40 or 2.8 percent to $85.43 per barrel, while USA West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude settled at $2.35, or 3.01 per cent, to $80.55. 

Again due to global recession and economic headwinds, the analysts predicted oil prices to stay below $100 per barrel till next year. 

Fuel prices announced in Qatar; all rates remain unchanged for December. 

In Qatar, on Wednesday, November 30, gasoline and diesel prices were announced for December 2022, in which all the rates remained unchanged for the last four months in the Gulf country, except for a slight change in the premium gasoline prices. 

However, the price of premium petrol has been reduced for motorists, in which the rate is low compared to that in November. 


The fuel prices in the UAE are modified every month, which helps the government maintain the proper proportion between the petrol expenses and the hacks which are to be used during price rises. 

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