UAE Having The Best Passport Worldwide


UAE Having The Best Passport Worldwide: The UAE has defeated the likes of Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, and Germany in the latest Passport Index rankings race.

Being an Emirati passport holder, you can travel to many countries without applying for visas, while in some countries, you can acquire a permit when you arrive at the destination. 

This means Emirati passport holders can be permitted to 121 countries without a visa and get a ticket on arrival in 59 states. 

The UAE is ranked as the world’s number one passport based on flexibility and freedom from travel restrictions, as per the latest publication of the Passport Index, which is globally recognized by Montreal – based citizenship financial advisory company Arton Capital. 

Apart from being flexible in travelling matters, it is a junction for businesses, as most multinational companies are situated in the UAE, considering its “higher mobility score “.

Armond Arton, president and CEO of Artin Capital, told CNBC, “What makes a difference in the UAE passport is its proficiency to let the passport holders enter the country with a visa on arrival.”

The UAE has also profited through different reforms which brought many people into the country to live, introducing remote workers’ visas and formalizing relations with Israel. 

Recently, Dubai ranks as one of the world’s top five cities for living by the networking platform InterNations. 

The UAE has denied cutting travel ties with Russia and Belarus, looking over the ongoing war in Ukraine. The UAE became a highly desirable destination for people from Western countries, especially those trying to evacuate. This led to a property boom, specifically for the UAE’s tourism and commercial capital, Dubai. 

For Khalifa BinHendi, an Emirati businessman in Dubai, the UAE passport has been essential for his business growth and innovation. 

As businessmen, to have a strong passport 

 on the global front unlocks immense opportunities and creates a cultural speed. BinHendi stated, ” Speed is an essential tool in the business; the faster you are, the better the results. We can travel from London to Tokyo in a 24-hour span which gives us a unique position and points our competitive boundary in running our business franchises and ventures.”

He added, ” This makes us beyond proud of our nation by motivating us to be better citizens and strive to contribute to uplifting the UAE economy and society”.

A statement from Arton Capital stated that” “Europe remains a potent force. Yet, the advancement of the passports in the Gulf states is absolute “. The results showed that some tickets are static, such as the passport of the UK, which is tangled up with domestic political choices. “

Though the world is in continuous shock from the Pandemic, surprisingly, travelling is never more accessible in the steady growth in the power of passports across the board. This trend will continue till 2023. It further added that most passports have become more powerful, considering their flexibility.


As per the reports, Emirati passport holders acquired one of the world’s estimated 1.5 million. The UAE is also designated as one of the world’s safest countries and is also extensively considered a low crime rate junction.

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