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Small Business Ideas In Oman
Small Business Ideas In Oman

Small Business Ideas In Oman: Looking for effective small business ideas in Oman? You have reached the right destination! Oman is an Arab country located in the. Southwestern part of the Asian continent. Muscat is the capital of Oman, and it shares a boundary with five countries: United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. 

Oman is characterized as a high-income economy even though it is not at the top of oil-producing nations like other oil-rich neighbours. The standard of living is high in Oman compared to other countries. Despite having limited oil and natural gas reserves, they remain the highest supporter of gross domestic products. Many small business ideas in Oman are on the way, like the Agric sector, which produces grains, lime, dates and vegetables. Presently, Oman’s government is also improvising on how to set up the tourism sector for investors. Apart from this, Oman mainly depends upon imported goods, on which the government of Oman is working to establish policies encouraging foreign investors to invest in Oman. 

There are some profitable and viable business opportunities that the investors can conduct for establishing businesses in Oman. 

Top Small Business ideas in Oman You Can Try

1. Grain Farming

Grain is one of the top agricultural products and a staple food consumed in Oman. If you are eager to invest in the agric sector in Oman, consider establishing your grain farm, as the farming land is cheap and easy to buy in Oman. 

2. Vegetable Farming 

Producing vegetables is another crucial factor that can be considered a business idea in Oman. The only minor challenge with vegetable farming in Oman is that you would have to construct irrigation to help water your crops. The market for vegetables is significant, which is why Omanis are known to consume all the vegetables cultivated in the country. Hence, if you want to start a new venture in the agric sector, create your vegetable farm. Undoubtedly it is a profitable venture. 

3. Travels and tours business 

Travels and tours is another small business idea in Oman, which is slowly grabbing its position in the economy of Oman.

The government of Oman is trying to encourage tourists to visit Oman because they visualize it as a significant income generator for the country, especially with their limited oil and natural gas reserves; the government strives to look beyond the oil and gas industry.

If you want to consider it, position yourself in the tourism sector by establishing your travel and tour business. The industry might not be able to give the desired returns at first, but it can surely do better in the long run 

4. Filling Station ( Diesel, petrol, cooking gas and kerosene ) with Convenience Store 

If you want to build a business portfolio in Oman’s oil and gas sector, consider opening your filling station. Most filling stations in Oman have pumps specially designed for petrol, diesel and kerosene. 

You need to obtain permission and a license from the government of Oman before you are permitted to build your filling station. It’s a thriving business if you establish your filling station along—the road with the heavy traffic. You can also maximize your profit by opening a convenience store in your filling station. 

5. Perfume Shop 

Many small business ideas in Oman are profitable in the long run, and one such simple yet good business is to start as an entrepreneur in the perfume business. You need to rent a shop in a densely populated area in this business. It would help if you made sure you had a stock of designer perfumes per the customers’ choices. 

6. Haulage Business 

Oman is popularly known as a heavy import nation; hence, the Haulage business is known for earning huge profits, which is open to all investors. If you have an intention to start a business in Oman, then considering a haulage business will be the best fit. 

Eventually, many goods are transported from seaports to warehouses throughout the country. If these goods are well positioned, you will make huge profits by starting your own haulage business. 

7. Electronic and home appliances Store 

There are many small business ideas in Oman which are a necessity and profitable. Electronics and home appliances are one business you can start in Oman. Suppose you want to maximize profits in business. In that case, it will be advisable for you to go with the importation of goods since Oman is not engaged in manufacturing electronics and home appliances. 

8. Facility Maintenance 

Facility Maintenance Company makes businesses clean their facilities, fix plumbing problems, fix electrical faults, maintain their power plants, etc. If you want to establish a facility maintenance company in Oman, you will have enough clients to work for the upliftment of the company. 

9. Restaurant Business and Bar 

Restaurants and bars might not be familiar in Oman, but it’s a flourishing business. Though being an Islamic country, people are not permitted to drink alcohol in public places, but they are allowed to drink alcohol in bars. So, if you want to open a restaurant in Oman, you can maximize profits by including a bar. 

10. Commodity Store 

Dealing with commodities is a thriving business in Oman; hence, if you are not limited to specific brands or products, you will attract customers to your shop. 


There are many small business ideas in Oman that can help boost the economy of Oman. If you are hard-working and ambitious, your business will succeed.


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