Zarah Gutierrez – The Optimistic And Considerate Entrepreneur

Zarah Gutierrez

Zarah Gutierrez, the Marketing Manager of Vestor Corporate Services Provider is a hardworking woman. She always looks forward to helping needy people. In 2008, she started her professional journey in Dubai, UAE, and has never looked back. 

Zarah Gutierrez deals with company formation, working with Government and Free Zones, Bankers, etc., with her business partners and the team.

When talking about business, strength is something that matters the most. Some people find strength in their skills, while others find strength in their beliefs. When we asked Zarah Gutierrez about her strength, she said, “I’m flexible and dedicated to what I do, and I always put my heart and God into every field of battle I face.

She’s such a down-to-earth talented entrepreneur that we loved talking with her. She aims to help needy people. She ensures that the struggles in life don’t harm the way she provides services to the client. Furthermore, she says, “My goal is very simple – to help needy people. Sometimes, it’s tiring as you help, and then they’ll betray you. However, I ensure that my work and services to my customers will not get affected by all these struggles. I ensure to give 100% support and service to all our clients.

Zarah Gutierrez – An Inspirational Leader

You can give your 100% support to clients if you do hard work and smart work. Zarah Gutierrez started the company with hard work and has such an inspirational story to it! When we asked why she started Vestor, Zarah replied, “I didn’t plan to start a company; it’s just that I almost lost my self-respect. I was working perfectly with my mentor under his own company, and I put my heart and time into satisfying him. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. I went to church and prayed for all the pain and challenges. I didn’t realize that God sent his Angel directly to help me to form Vestor (named Mr. Elvis Berlin Moaufo) and that Angel became my friend and close family. I am mega blessed to have him.

The journey of starting the journey and coming to this position hasn’t been very easy for Zarah Gutierrez. She faced hardships but came over every situation with her belief and talent. “When my friends whom I helped and hired betrayed me. When you trust people that high, and at the end of the day, they betray you – it hurts. I’m a firm believer that challenges are just dots, you cannot be destroyed between dots, but instead, it helps you shine and overcome all the situations,” said Zarah when we asked about her biggest challenges.

An Optimistic Entrepreneurship Mindset

As an optimistic person, Zarah is full of positivity and every moment of life excites her as she says, “I’m excited every day, not only Mondays. The moment my eyes open, I thank God that I’m still alive and ready to fight for any challenges.” 

With her positive spirit, Zarah has traveled a lot globally and seen different cultures and values. She values her dignity the most and always focuses on respecting others. She values teamwork. Her company’s vision is to support, respect, and believe its teams and clients as it helps to retain long-term business partnerships. 

When we asked about how her business is different from others, Zarah replied, “Competitors can offer everything, but through Vestor – we only have HEART and MIND to work with the clients and make them feel 100% safe and secure.

This was how we learned about Vestor and Zarah Gutierrez’s journey. Her company Vestor is tied up with government sectors and has a strong Business Relationship with the bankers in the UAE, Affiliated with all Legal Auditors and Chartered Accountants. 

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