Leading Hospitality Industry Trends In UAE

Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Industry

With ongoing developments, the emirates are now set to adopt valuable trends in guiding and uplifting the hospitality sector. These hospitality trends are not the cause or effects of a single phenomenon but different socio and economic criteria that are coming together to define the hospitality industry in Dubai.

Dubai is entering the list of 10 destinations, which are visited frequently by tourists, and that is why the government is focusing on the hospitality industry more. Also, restaurants are a little behind in spacing and multiplying. 

Top trends in Hospitality Industry in Dubai

The hospitality industry in Dubai is reshaping social, economic, cultural, and technological trends. 

Social trends initiating the Hospitality Industry in Dubai 

Social trends consist of a change in the perception of people that changed their lifestyle through various human ideas. The top social trends driving the hospitality industry in Dubai are 

Healthy Food 

People nowadays are more concerned about their health, and that is why there is an increase in the trend for organic products. Healthy and environmentally friendly food is in demand and is expected to grow at 7% in the Middle East. 

Concept of homegrown products 

As a tourist destination, Dubai is always ahead in interpreting international brands. But, now the trend is changing, and it is shifted to develop homegrown products to enter into the hospitality industry, which focuses on high quality. 

Regional Flavors 

With the increase in the demand for homegrown products, regional flavours have gained momentum in Dubai. An infusion of Egyptian and Asian flavoured cuisines has become a new trend, imparting unique and different fusion flavours. 

Takeaway options

Considering the hectic mundane of life, many prefer takeaways and home deliveries. There is a subsequent rise in the food and delivery options for saving time and money. 

Economic Trends in Hospitality Industry 

Economic change does not solely depend upon the financial status of the people. It also observes the attitude of the people and their spending habits. Still, apart from the major trends, specific tips are seen: affecting Dubai’s hospitality industry. Are.

Pop-ups and easy casuals

Pop-up restaurants and fast casuals are trending nowadays as Dubai being a tourist destination, observes several families and middle-class tourists taking over the hospitality industry of Dubai.

The Hotel Restaurant Deal 

Another big trend that has hit the hospitality sector is the independent hotels and restaurants working together, which gives diverse experience to the customers.     

Eventually this trend has paved the way to new opportunities in the hospitality sector, thereby reducing the final burden of the costs incurred. This tie up led to the Dubai hospitality industry blooming at a rapid speed.

Mid-Priced Hotels 

A mid-priced solution provides a practical and comfortable solution to the expensive outlook of the tourist stay. It allows everyone to be able to visit the Emirates. This trend mainly comprises service apartments and mid-priced 3-4 star hotels. 

Technological Trends Driving The Hospitality Industry

Technological changes are shaping the world. In Dubai, there have been many technological changes, including accepting many features that help incorporate hotel and restaurant technology. The key technology trends which are used in the upbringing of the hospitality business are:

Customer Relations Management 

Customer Relations Management strives to make hospitality services beneficial to customers. The needs of the customers are displayed through technology. 

They are gathering customer feedback digitally and feeding it directly to your POS to find customer experience, their orders, their preferences, the amount that there usually spend and the special days on which they are given special discounts, and specific schemes provided to them, all this feedback and more are being incorporated in Customer Relations Management. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality 

The technological advances in hospitality, like AR, are boasting. There are also many VR experiences that tourists can try on in Dubai. 

AR hospitality technology allows customers to see and feel what they expect in their stay at a hotel, even without being physically present over there. 

Internet Penetration 

Internet connection is a must in the hotel room. It plays a vital part in the hospitality industry. Management in hospitality is also guided correctly in context with the interconnectivity of the room with the internet bandwidth can provide intelligent and insightful information only through the internet, which gives a clear and precise view of the hospitality industry. 


From the above mentioned details, Dubai is ready to redefine the hospitality industry. Coping up with different trends and evolving with changing concepts, the hospitality industry is all set to become a part of the growth in Dubai. The hospitality business has slowly taken momentum, and hence with proper guidelines, it strives to be in coherence with the changing trends of the hospitality industry.


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