Free health check-ups for over 3,000 UAE labour camp workers

Thousands of Al Sajaa camp residents visited a volleyball court in the nearby labor park. 

They were lined up to get their vitals checked for free after their Taraweeh prayer. 

Free health check-ups
Free health check-ups

The health camp was organized for the occupants of the industrial area by the Life Pharmacy and Labour Standard Development Authority in Sharjah in amalgamation with the Ministry of Health. 

The Authorities organized this camp to celebrate World Health Day differently and treat their workers with a free health check. 

Attendees lined up, registered at the entrance, and were moved to four counters where pharmacists checked their blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar level, and body mass index. 

Ubaidullah, a foam glass insulation worker accompanied by friends Asjad and Sunil, stated, ” We leave our homes and come here to provide for our family. In this, we forget about our health. Hence such camps make us think that we must care about our health. Praise to God that I am in good health “. 

The workers who attended the camp were provided with a goodie bag and a food box consisting of the next day’s iftar from the Life Pharmacy. 

Haseebullah Khan, a mason, stated, ” From this camp, we got free medicine and medical advice. These camps ensure we get healthcare right before a small problem turns into a serious condition.”

Inamullah Shiekh, Area Manager at Life Pharmacy, said that the camp is held every day across all the Emirates for six days. 

He also stated, ” There were around 3,000 residents who got their vitals checked, and most of them had their blood sugar levels and blood pressure within the specified range “.

Suppose the results of these people are above or below a specific range. In that case, the volunteer guides them to conduct a complete medical test at discounted prices at the medical and pharmacies clinic. 

Waseem Akram, regional manager at Life Pharmacy, stated, ” We are happy that sugar level and blood pressure are average. But a few of them may need care and have noted their contact details and have asked them to visit one of our outlets. 

Salem Yousuf Al Qaseer, chairman of the Labour Standards Development Authority, said, “Such camps have been organized for the last five years, and through this, we encourage laborers to get their vitals checked.”

He added, ” This free medical camp is conducted to bring awareness amongst the workers to take care and know about the diseases they are suffering from which will increase awareness about the risk of diabetes and pressure diseases.” 

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