Advanced & Innovative Healthcare Diagnostics Solutions with Babirus – Dr. Tarek Abdullah

Dr. Tarek Abdullah, Group CFO of Babirus with Hani Rustom, Managing Director of Babirus

Advanced & Innovative Healthcare Diagnostics Solutions with Babirus – Dr. Tarek Abdullah

Dr. Tarek Abdullah is the Group Financial Director (CFO) of Babirus Medical. He is a DBA doctor and a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association ÏSACA”, a member of the national association of state boards of accountancy “NASBA” and a Commercial pilot with more than 25 years of experience the corporate governance and strategic financial planning field. Learn more about him through our interview below.

Beginning Of the Practical Work Life

We started by discussing Tarek’s career journey. We asked, “How did you begin your career journey?

“I started my career when I was studying. I had to take an intern test for one of the biggest CPA firms in my home country during college. I was selected from a group of different universities to start only as an intern with no earnings at all to gain work experience during my studies.

I was also studying at two different universities at the same time – governmental education and international education. During this time, I had to go through 2 different qualifications and 2 distinct testing models with 2 different systematic educational approaches. This helped me gain experience in both local and international education at the same time.

From that point, I worked on my self-education and experience until I received my DBA from the BIEPS institution in London, UK. I have been working closely on self-development and using my gained information and skills to adapt to my work. So. it’s a win-win strategy.” says Tarek.

Idea Behind BABIRUS

We were also curious about BABIRUS, so we asked him, “What’s the idea behind Your Company?”

“BABIRUS is committed to working with healthcare partners across the MENA region to deliver innovative and technologically advanced diagnostic solutions that help to improve people’s health.

We believe that the key to helping medical specialists to improve patient outcomes is through a continuous program of medical education and training as well as offering ongoing scientific support from our highly qualified team.” he replied.

Goal Attainment & Specialization

What’s the goal of your company?

Tarek continues, “Providing access to tailored, innovative and efficient medical and diagnostic solutions. We want to bridge the gap between healthcare providers, clinical laboratories and research institutions in the Middle East. Our aim is to be the most trusted, reliable and reputable diagnostic and laboratory solutions provider in the Middle East and consistently exceed the expectations of clients and partners.”

What kind of products does your company specialize in? We further asked.

With that, Tarek says, “Market leading and technologically innovative products from global healthcare companies, specializing in:

– Molecular (Conventional PCR, Real-time PCR, Sample result PCR, Point of Care PCR, Extraction Next Generation Sequencing)

– Immunology (Elisa Automation, Microarray Automation, Food Intolerance Automation)

– Microbiology (Tuberculosis Elisa Microbiology, culture media & plates Virus transport medium Parasites & Virology Automation)

– Immunohematology (Pretransfusion immunohematology testing, Manual Semi-automated, Fully automated, Nucleic Acid Testing, Fetomaternal haemorrhage – Kleihauer test)

– Special Hematology (Automation testing, Anemia, Hemoglobinopathies, Leukemia Hemostasis, Thrombosis)

– Quality Control Programs (External quality control programs Linearity materials Calibration verification materials).”

Are Employees the Real Assets?

How important are employees’ energy levels to the success of your company?

 Babirus Team

 Babirus Team

Tarek shares, “The employees are the real assets of the company. No matter how diverse is the size of the company or how complicated is its department or corporate infrastructure, the employees are the blood that goes into the company strains and is the real factor of any success story in any company. At Babirus, we know this fact, and our employees have our close attention thanks to the great vision of our CEO Mr Hani Rustom and the BOD of the company.

One of the most important concepts in HRM is employee performance management by improving team engagement. This is attained by helping them reach their potential prospective and continuing self-development and career improvement. The company adds value to its core employees from each hierarchy level. As I always say, the company’s power always has to be majored by its weakest employee.

Once the employee reaches a higher positive energy level, the productivity of the company and innovation drive increases. This affects the group’s strategic goal to have all of our business units in the same harmonized strategy working on team performance improvement and mandatory time frame evaluation.”

Technology & Growth

We further asked, “How do you think technology is leading to business changes? Do you feel it’s helping your company grow?”

“Growth is one of the key goals for every business leader.

– Grow our reputation through customer reviews

– Create ‘Potential Patient’ engagement: Educate patients about all possible treatment options and how they fit into a patient’s current health status, deliver continuous care, and the 4 P’s of patient care.

– Meet the demands: Be responsive and up to date with the changing demography in our community and patient population, and promote the new services through strategic advertisements to the target audience. If your patient base includes pregnant women or young children, hire a dedicated pediatrician.

– Be active on social media: Create a Youtube channel to give wellness tips, discuss and answer questions about general health issues, announce local health programs, and give positive information about your medical practice. Social media platforms are safer ways to take advantage of this mass communication platform to gain more potential patients. Depending on how interesting our posts look, this will drive user traffic to our page, and the services offered at our medical practice will have more visibility.

– Better treatment and less suffering: technology enhances the development of new therapies and the development of more specific treatment

– Database Tracking and Monitoring: Healthcare databases assist with diagnosis and treatment, manage documentation and billing, and help reduce medical operations and management errors. Because they limit paperwork and staff, databases in healthcare reduce medical facility running costs while improving performance. This helps healthcare providers monitor healthcare services and improve the quality of patient care—by gaining statistics on costs, pervasive diseases, and appropriate treatments.

Technology helps increase the efficiency of systems, products and services. It helps track and streamline processes, maintain data flow, and manage contacts and employee records.

Always be aware of what people need. Be a step ahead and predict the future. By meeting the demands in your community on time, you can increase the number of potential patients and increase the success of your business.” says Tarek.

Digital Transformation Driving Growth

How is your company adapting to digitalization?

“Digital transformation is one of the driving forces behind long-term growth and success in the modern business world. It’s simply because technology helps expedite numerous processes and automate various operations.

– Updating our business model (where will we implement new tech tools? How will digital transformation change our operations? How will those tools impact current employees and new hires? How will digital transformation affect our place in our industry?)

– Help our team embrace change (help them feel confident that they can thrive amid the changes)

– Select tech tools that fit our culture (the tools we choose should offer solutions that streamline your processes for efficiency and effectiveness and meet customer satisfaction)

– Offer learning opportunities.”

Lastly, when we asked him, “Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?”

“Never give up on yourself. Always develop and work on yourself. Even if you do not see the results now, you will see them later. After 25 years of working experience, I still learn and will never stop the learning process. ‘Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship’,” concluded Tarek.

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