Nabeeh Is A Means To Redefine The Labour Market – Fawaz Samara

Fawaz Samara, Co-Founder Of Nabeeh

We heard about Nabeeh and also got to know how the company is coming up with ways to get basic services done without hassle. That’s when we decided to interview Fawaz Samara, the Co-Founder and CEO of Nabeeh.

According to Co-founder Fawaz Samara, “Nabeeh is a smart digital platform launched in 2021 in the Palestinian market with the Co-founder Saber Samara and provides home services such as cleaning, maintenance, and moving of furniture, in addition to the service of housekeepers and health care, and the reservation of services are done in a simple and free way.”

Saber Samara, Co-Founder of Nabeeh

A Technology Startup Towards Enhanced Operational Models

Fawaz, as the co-founder, has 10 years of experience in the corporate sector in financial management and business development and has been a leader in the home services industry since 2015.


Nabeeh is a technology startup on a mission to re-invent the region’s on-demand home and Healthcare services experience by providing quality, timely, and asset-light operational models.

Today, the company has and operates a network of more than 500 authorized service providers and has succeeded in expanding to seven major cities in Palestine, serving thousands of clients. The company includes more than 15 strong team members from three main countries (Palestine, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia). It is worth highlighting that the company’s sales in the Palestinian market have doubled since the beginning of the year. Today, the company aspires to enter and expand in the Saudi market and, later on, in other Middle East and North African markets.

Fawaz Samara, the founding partner of “Nabeeh,” was able to capture the interest of a number of Saudi angel investors during his recent visit to the Kingdom to explore the Saudi market in order to invest in the “Nabeeh” platform. Fawaz’s efforts culminated in signing an investment agreement with them in the amount of six figures in preparation for the start of an investment round that would enable the company to enter and expand in the Saudi market and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Furthermore, “Nabeeh” was able to land a strategic partnership. The company’s founder expressed his happiness in signing a strategic partnership agreement with MMS and ECIT to provide joint services within the Kingdom.

In this context, co-founder Fawaz Samara says, “regulating the home services sector is a very difficult task, as we face many challenges in our work every day in terms of reaching a technician or a tradesman with the appropriate capabilities and skills and agreeing with him and obtaining the best price and the highest level of quality of service provided.”

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Digitizing And Empowering The Labour Market

Samara confirms, “the best way to re-invent that experience is to “digitize” the labor market in this sector and “empower” to reach maximum customer satisfaction and provide their needs, using the digital revolution in the field of home and health services, taking advantage of the power and influence of the Internet to improve the customer experience and provide job opportunities for owner’s skills.”

Views Of The Founders On “Nabeeh”

One of the reasons for the presence of a company like “Nabeeh” in the labor market is that homeowners in the Middle East and North Africa seek the assistance of service providers whose level of competence and integrity has not been verified by professionals and professional regulated methods. There, their employment criteria are limited to verbal recommendations from friends and relatives without verification about the level of quality of their services and prices, which often makes the customer dissatisfied with the service provided because it lacks the process of follow-up and evaluation or even insurance and guarantees on work done.

In that sense, the founders of “Nabeeh” believes that “their Digital platform is like Uber and Careem for providers of cleaning, maintenance, home health care services and many services around homes, as the platform connects providers of these services with homeowners who are looking for specialized professionals to accomplish their required household tasks.”

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But What About The Nabeeh Application?

The “Nabeeh” application provides a high value for service providers and customers alike, as it enables service providers to receive many tasks and thus generate additional income for them, apart from enabling them to manage their appointments and help them market themselves as professional service providers; in addition to that, the application helps customers to search for service providers near them in an easy and simple way and automating the matching of the required tasks by customers with qualified providers through the application.

The “Nabeeh” application, which means an intelligent and clever person in Arabic, is a typical example of a sharing economy platform based on the principle of sharing assets and revenues. The application targets the MENA markets to facilitate personal interactions between service providers and customers through the application platform to create trust and a good reputation among all participants. Building a good reputation among the participants on the platform is essential for building the sharing economy.

So that’s what we learned about Nabeeh from Fawaz Samara. We hope they continue with their good work.

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