Abu Dhabi Golden Visa To Be Available For 10 Years

Abu Dhabi Golden Visa To Be Available For 10 Years Now

The authorities in the UAE announced that – The efficacy of the golden visa in Abu Dhabi is extended from a period of five years to ten years for all the categories. 

Mark Dorzi, the Director of Operations in the Abu Dhabi Residents Office, said that the golden visa will now be told for ten years and offers a vast range of residency options for professionals and researchers in the department of science and knowledge, such as specialists, doctors, scientists and inventors. 

He pointed out that the golden visa holders can sponsor their spouses, parents and children regardless of age, following the new main categories and subcategories based on the recommendations from the appropriate offices such as the Abu Dhabi Office for Residents. 

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The Abu Dhabi Residents Office said that the UAE government earlier established the Golden Residency Programme with the main aim of delivering extended-term residency permits that enabled a holder to have an opportunity to reside in the country without the need for a guarantor. 

Abu Dhabi boasts several high-growth sectors like health care, creative industries, agriculture, financial services and research and development by initiating start-ups through the ecosystem.

The Abu Dhabi Golden Visa offers a long-term residency to innovators and investors. 

The Abu Dhabi Golden Visa offers an extensive range of visa options for talented professionals like inventors, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, athletes and creatives. Hence, this long-term visa is available to top talent worldwide who wish to work, live and grow in Abu Dhabi in the coming years.

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The Golden Visa holder also enjoys exclusive benefits, including a multiple entry visa for six months to complete the golden visa procedure and renewable access for 5-10 years. 

The Golden Visa holder can stay outside the UAE for more than six months, and then also they can obtain residence permits for family members, including the husband and children.

The maximum number of support device labourers who can bring to the UAE is rescinded, and the family members can stay in the country for the period of their validity to reside, even in the event of the death of the sponsor who held the golden visa. 

The Abu Dhabi Resident’s Office is passing the report mentioned above that the Golden Visa will be extended from five to ten years in Abu Dhabi. This long visa is offered to all categories worldwide who wish to live, work and grow in Abu Dhabi. 

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