No UAE Visa Stamping On Passports

UAE Visa
UAE Visa

No UAE visa stamping on passports: New rules and regulations set by the UAE government are effective immediately, which states that foreign nationals who have UAE Residence Visa in the Emirate Of Dubai will not be issued a UAE Residence Visa Stamp sanctioned in their passport from now onwards. Instead, foreign nationals will be given an Emirates Identity Card, which will be considered their residency document. 

This change will follow the Emirate of Dubai’s strategy with the rest of the Emirates, which discontinued this endorsement process in April. Foreign nationals must have an original Emirates Identity Card as proof of their residency status upon re-entry to the United Arab Emirates after International travel. This rule has been imposed, as it is expected that only the electronic version of the residence permit will not be sufficient to depart or enter the United Arab Emirates. 

As visa stamps on the passport are not required for UAE residents, Indian foreigners flying back to their home are advised to bring their new Emirates IDs so that there is no longer hustle about delays at the airports. 

In April, the Federal Authority For, Identity, Customs, Citizenship, and Port Security issued a notice stating that Emirates IDs will now have proof of residency. The new and the latest version of the card contains all the relevant details printed on the visa stamp, and immigration counters at different airports will quickly get to know the data on the ID. 

In some cases, it creates problems as it causes failure in bringing the actual Emirates ID, which in turn causes issues at airports.

Many cases came to light which went smoothly and gave precise information about the status of a passenger. One such issue is of Nidheesh Kattil, a project manager at Reliance Aluminium and Glass Work LLC and a resident of Sharjah. He stated that, while returning to India, he was stopped at Kannur Airport In Kerala in November as he did not stamp his passport with a resident visa. 

He later stated, ” Arriving in India was easy; however, during my homecoming, I had to assure the customs that I am an in-residence visa holder. “Then I recalled that my Emirates ID is my residency visa with all the reliable information. When I disclosed my ID, they were assured and permitted me to go. “


As per the details mentioned above, we can visualize the importance of Emirates ID. Taking your Emirates ID along with you is essential, as it can help make your travel easy. Emirates ID is similar to a visa stamp, which acquires all the crucial details of an individual. Hence Emirates ID is of utmost importance.

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