Usama Shaharyar Driving Technological Adaptations For Business Growth

Usama Shaharyar -Driving Technological Adaptations For Business Growth

Over the past 21 years, Usama Shaharyar has been on the career pathway where he helped several people and made a name for himself. Although his official journey started with becoming a project leader in Marctel Technologies, he got the essence of work right when he was in 11th grade. 

His dad has been a great helping hand in pushing Usama Shaharyar towards a better work experience. How? Right, when he was in 11th grade, his father pushed him to tutor 10th-grade students, which was just the starting point. Soon after completing his engineering degree, Usama started teaching 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students. He also started tutoring 1st year engineering students. As time passed, his teachings got liked by more people, and there was a time when he used to teach 200 students a day after opening a teaching centre. 

That was not it. He also opened up a high school with his father, showing his business journey right from university times. As per Usama Shaharyar, “I can say my entrepreneurship journey started when I was an intermediate and engineering student. Well, for beginners I can suggest that they should follow their passion.

Business Pathway & Ambitions of Usama Shaharyar

According to Usama Shaharyar, the most crucial part of continuing business seamlessly is “patience, hard work, consistency, and prayers.

Nowadays, several businesses are finding digitalization and technology to be driving factors in business growth and goal attainment.

When discussing goals, Usama says, “My goal is to serve society by sharing professional knowledge and expertise with our employees, suppliers, clients, and individuals thereby making them professionally competent and financially able to meet their needs.

To achieve this goal, Usama also focuses on digital transformation with his companies, RASA and Vgro TechnoSolutions.

When we asked Usama how he’s adapting to digital transformation, he said, “We adopt digital transformation by using the latest technologies such as Cloud, AI, Cyber Security, Data, and Analytics. We promote cutting-edge technologies to our clients to have a digital environment. It helps us to have a competitive advantage over our competitors.

For a company to have a competitive advantage and get immense growth, it needs a reliable leader. Usama is a situational and democratic leader who believes leadership traits are based on a particular situation. He further continues, “A leader must be unbiased, passionate, visionary, and can drive the people towards a goal.

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 A Passionate Leader Tackling Challenges & Supporting The Team

Usama Shaharyar is a passionate leader and entrepreneur who has had many challenges during his professional journey. When we asked him about it, he replied, “Most of the time the microenvironment doesn’t support our business affecting our growth. It’s also hard to find a reliable and dedicated resource. We also faced cash flow issues due to delays in the client payments. The only thing we do to overcome these issues is to be consistent with dedication.

Along with dedication, we believe that a team also has a role in the phase when businesses face challenges. That’s why we had a question for Usama, “Does employees’ energy and enthusiasm have a hand in business success? How do you plan to motivate your team to go the extra mile?

Usama says, “Of course, employees’ positive energy and enthusiasm do affect business success. If the employees are not motivated, they work half-heartedly thereby affecting the business outcome. We motivate employees by providing a healthy environment where the staff gets a family-oriented culture. In addition, we do provide a competitive salary with incentives. We also compensate the staff with career growth and financial perks for additional efforts, better performance, and reaching their targets.

Our interview with Usama Shaharyar, the Founder of Vrgo TechnoSolutions and Co-Founder of RASA Communication and RASA MED & Sahatik, was very inspiring. We learned that Usama focuses on using the latest technologies and creative ideas to be unique in value proportion to their clients. Usama, through his companies, aims to become a part of the bigger transformation.

Advice To You:

Lastly, we asked Usama to share some advice or a few words with our viewers, with which he said, “There are no shortcuts in life. Always have goals for this life and hereafter. Work hard with patience, passion, dedication, and consistency to reach your goals.

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