UAE’s First Professional Women’s Cycling Team Participating In inaugural Women’s UAE Tour 2023

Women's Cycling
Women’s Cycling

The UAE’s first professional women’s cycling team will participate among 20 international groups in the first Women’s UAE Tour. 

The inaugural tour will be held from Feb 9-12, ahead of the fifth edition of the Men’s UAE Tour, which will be held from Feb 20-26.

Melissa Moncada, head of heh UAE Team ADQ, said, ” We are happy to be part of the first Women’s UAE Tour next month.” 

Women's Cycling

She also stated, ” It is an inspirational race for many reasons; first, it is the only kind in the UAE and the region. Apart from that, it is a unique opportunity for Women in the UAE to support the female team representing our nation and sees them competing in a World Tour standard race on our home soil”.

The UAE team ADQ riders will exhibit wearing the new official jerseys reflecting the UAE flag colors. 

Ms. Moncada added, ” Our main aim is to make cycling accessible, achievable, and inclusive for all. We are excited and proud to be part of this new let milestone n n our young history. We are sure that this key event will shape and shake the women’s cycling ecosystem in the UAE and even inspire more young women in the UAE and the Middle East region to join the cycling movement”.

The UAE has also launched its UAE-centric platform, namely Women Moving Forward by UAE Team ADQ, an initiative in which trainers and experts work with governmental, corporate, and other stakeholders to give professional cycling capacity for all women through different professional workshops, events, and team coaching. 

Moncada highlighted, “Our mission as a professional team is not only limited to attaining the best results at international cycling events, but it also includes developing a passion for cycling and sports among women in the UAE.”

Through this platform,” we strive to provide women with innovative and professional sports tools that will empower them to reach their full potential, beginning with the sport.”

UAE team ADQ also organized its training camp before the 2023 UCI World Tour in Tuscany, Italy, last December. 

Seventeen riders from nine nations will represent UAE Team ADQ during the new season.


The above report describes the first women’s cycling team in UAE, which is all set to participate in the inaugural tour that is taking place in February. The UAE team will have seventeen riders from around nine nations participating in following their passion.

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