UAE: Residents staying abroad for more than 6 months can now apply for a re-entry visa


Reports can confirm that UAE residency visa holders who have lived outside the Emirates for more than six months may now assign a permit to re-enter the country. Such residents will have to clarify a reason for having remained outside the country for so long and provide proof for the same. 

Residents can apply for the service on the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) website. The benefit being rendered is called ‘Issue permit for staying outside UAE over six months’ and can be found under ‘smart appliances.’

However, the applicant can re-enter the country only after getting an authorization email from the ICP. The process of this approval takes about five days. 

To benefit from the service, the applicants and their sponsors must enter their details, passport, and residency information. Also, a mandatory field on the application that looks for the reason for staying outside the country for six months or more. 

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Abdul Gafoor, general manager of AI Mas Businessmen Service, confirmed that the new strategy had been implemented. He stated, “An in-person system was in place before Covid- 19, but now it has been unified and can be done online.”

T.P. Sudheesh, general manager of Deira Travels, also verified having received the notification for the same and stated, “There is an approval procedure that residents need to follow. This is available on the e- channels of the ICP”.

The new entry permit system is the latest in the line of changes to the visa and presidency system implemented recently. The fees to get the benefit of ICP services, including the issue of visa and Emirates ID, went up by Dh100 earlier this month. The ICP also recently standardized the fine for overstaying visas in the country to about Dh50.Tourists and visit visa holders who overstay will pay Dh50 instead of Dh100, and those who overstay on a residency visa will have to pay double – Dh50 a day instead of Dh25. 


The above report throws light on the new strategy that states that those who have a UAE residency visa and are staying outside the country for over six months or more than that, then in such cases, they need to apply for a permit for re-entry into the country. 

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