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Supply And Services
Supply And Services

Hajeer Nainan, Ace Inspire Group CEO, is a business professional and leader in multiple firms. He is a visionary business leader having extensive operational and managerial solutions. He has over 15 years of experience in preparing business growth and revenue strategies. Learn more about Hajeer through our interview below.

Beginning Of The Business Exposure

We asked, “Which career path led you to where you are today?”

Supply And Services

I consider myself a lawyer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. After finishing my Bachelors in Law, I enrolled as a lawyer. Being curious by nature has been my biggest asset, and it is this very curiosity that took me to Dubai, where I assisted my uncle in the family business. That was my first exposure to the world of business/entrepreneurship, and I was hooked. I started Alhamd pack FZC, my first venture within a year in Hamriyah Free Zone.”

Hajeer Nainan

The Major Idea

We asked, “What inspired you to develop the idea for your company?”

He continues, “Like the inception of most businesses, I realized there was a major gap in supply and services where numerous subcontractors and suppliers used for various tasks and stages in a project. New-age tech-enabled products and services are available in the market, but there isn’t a one-stop shop for it all. Here’s where I saw a problem to solve and an opportunity to seize. This was the inspiration that drove us to reach where we are today.”

Business Priority

Different businesses have different priorities, and these priorities change over time. So, we asked Hajeer, “How have your priorities in terms of business evolved since you first started?

With that, Hajeer says, “We were initially focused on providing a small number of services to a large number of clients. But, later, we added services where we begin with one client and take charge of the majority of the subcontracting requirements for them.

Modus Operandi

We came to understand that success is determined by more factors than just the number of clients. It is always the additional value and ease of use that the organization brings to any project. We continue to work on the project and offer our services from the start of the project until commissioning and handover.”

Tackling Challenges

We further asked, “What are the most challenging situations that your company overcomes?”

“Like many other businesses, we were affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, full or partial lockdowns in Kuwait that lasted for almost 8 months, halting all our projects, and the difficulty in maintaining both work and maintaining our workforce. The situation was tense for us as entrepreneurs and as human beings,” he replied.

What’s the key strength to overcome it?

He added, “I believe that when adversity stares you in the face, faith, empathy, patience, and comradeship can get you by. We had no choice but to reduce our workforce. But, we maintained a good working relationship with our employees at the time and gave them capacious holidays. Our faith in them and their trust in us ensured that once everything was back to normal, we brought the majority of them back.”

Standing Out From The Crowd

When we wanted to know more about the company’s uniqueness, we asked Hajeer, “What makes your company stand out from all the other businesses in your industry?”

Hajeer Nainan

“Flexibility in services; we offer the majority of the services that a main contractor would need to procure from different vendors and subcontractors. We do so at prices that are competitive without compromising the quality of work. Additionally, our maintenance and safety teams are on call round-the-clock to guarantee that everything runs smoothly.” says Hajeer Nainan.

“What KPIs do you use to measure your business success?” We asked.

  • “Our involvement in significant projects across the GCC.
  • The satisfaction that comes from knowing that our company is contributing to the development of major oil and gas and construction projects in the region, whether it be the construction of 90 m x 45 m refinery tanks or leasing heavy equipment or the maintenance of an existing Plant.

We take pride in what we do.”

Leading Subcontractors

“Tell us something about your services. What are you working on now?” we further asked.

Hajeer Nainan says, “We currently engage in a variety of enterprises, focusing mostly on civil construction, EPC subcontracting, and oil-gas sector trading & contracting. Our goal as a subcontractor is to provide most of the necessary project support services from a single source. We have teams to handle all activities from earthwork to furnishing, equipment leasing to catering, material sourcing to maintenance, and much more. Our focus is on offering the main contractor the most solutions possible by removing their need to rely on various vendors for various tasks. Our tagline is ‘ONE VENDOR HYBRID SERVICES.’

We have a presence in all GCC nations, as well as India. We are one of the top subcontractors approved as Level 1 by the public tenders authority in Kuwait and are involved with major projects in the construction and oil & gas industries. The UAE and Kuwait have given us many opportunities to develop and grow. Last year, we began to work on new projects in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”

Teamwork & Integrity

The services of his company are very intriguing. We also wanted to know how Hajeer plans on building team integrity. Based on this, our next question was, “How do you build trust with your employees and boost productivity without causing burnout?”

Hajeer Nainan

“Having a multicultural workforce enhances diversity and inclusion. We have 10 different nationalities working for us. We help them develop their talents and offer any assistance we can. We encourage them to upgrade themselves and reward them when they do it. There are musicians, painters, Tik Tok stars, and even national cricket players on our staff. We hold monthly cultural events  in our camps. The culture is well aligned with what we have set out to achieve, and the transparency we maintain within the company keeps us from causing burnout while increasing productivity simultaneously,” says Hajeer Nainan.

Technology is transitioning the way businesses work. We wanted to know if it’s the same with Hajeer Nainan’s business. So, we asked him, “How do you stay on top of new technologies and trends in your industry, and what do you do in your free time?”

“I try to stay on top of the contemporary information game. I read periodicals and regularly search the internet for the newest information. I enjoy testing out new tools and apparatuses to ensure the best service and products are used for the clients, and our staff gets to upgrade their skill set.

I practice yoga and Vipassana meditation which keeps me mentally balanced and unaffected by stress. I also own a first-class cricket team that competes in the Kuwait Cricket Elite Division league.” he replied.

Lastly, we asked, “What advice would you give to starting entrepreneurs?”

“The thrill of being an entrepreneur is not in the money you make, but in the satisfaction derived from the mental process you go through when you do things on your own. Be brave, take that step, work hard, and be persistent. It’s not easy, but it’s worth all the effort.

The universe falls in love with a positive attitude and persistent efforts.” concluded Hajeer Nainan.

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