UAE- Cloud seeding to improve production to tackle water scarcity


The UAE uses cloud seeding to improve the production of specific crops in light of water scarcity in the country and the region as a whole. 

Besides, the UAE has used cloud seeding technology to improve groundwater levels for years. The country also performed 13 cloud seeding missions in a week in January 2023, bringing heavy downpours for a few days. 

Cloud seeding

Sharif Salim Alolama, Under Secretary for energy and petroleum affairs at the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, said, “Cloud seeding is important, especially during the year when we target specific crops and expand our agricultural capabilities. This is monitored jointly by the authorities responsible for cloud seeing and a lot of farms that we have in the Northern Emirates”. 

The UAE also focuses on increasing the agriculture sector’s contribution to the country’s economy. 

Earlier this month, the largest indoor vertical farm for development and research was opened in Abu Dhabi, spreading about 65,000 sqft. In November 2022, Sharjah launched a huge wheat farm in the Mleiha region, covering around 400 hectares in the first phase. The project’s second phase will see the area expanded to 880 hectares by 2024, and by 2025 it will cover 1,400 hectares. 

While addressing the Arab Water Convention, Sharif Al Olama added that the contribution of non-conventional water resources amounted to 50 percent of the total water supply, including water produced from the desalination and the reuse of treated water. 

The Under Secretary further explained that the UAE would discuss later the enhanced cooperation with all stakeholders at COP28 in Dubai.

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