UAE: Schools To Train Young Emirati Graduates For Teaching

Emirati Graduates
Emirati Graduates

Schools in the UAE have launched an endeavor to train and recruit fresh Emirati graduates to make them full-ledge teachers for promoting teaching as a preferred profession along with Emiratis and meeting Emiratisation targets. 

Taleem, one of the UAE’s most prominent education groups, will consider this program in September to train Emiratis and make them capable of working as teachers.

Taleem, which runs 26 schools, will employ 204 Emiratis out of a workforce of more than 3,000. It hired between 30-35 Emirates in 2022.

In addition, another education group, Gems, will also hire and train more Emiratis graduates in unity with the Emiratisation targets. Emiratization is the UAE government’s initiative, requiring companies with over 50 workers to hire 2% of Emiratis in the workforce and gradually increase this to 10% by 2026. 

Talat Goldie, HR Director at. Taalem confirmed that the project to train new teachers would be commenced in the new academic year, starting in September. She also said that even high school and college graduates could be recruited as learning assistants.s who might stay in the teaching profession for the long term.

Talat also remarked that under a 3-5 plan, they could become competent teachers, becoming vice principals at schools in the future. She further added that Taleem’s goal is to have an Emirati principal.

Ms. Goldie said Taleem wants to invest in Emirati Talent and give them intensive training programs similar to those run by banks. 

She then added that Taleem would explore Northern Emirates for undiscovered Emirati Talent, particularly fresh graduates from high schools in Aman and Ras Al Khaimah.

In November, the Abu Dhabi Department Of Education and Knowledge launched a leadership version of its homegrown Talent, the Emirati Recruitment Initiative.

Successfully Emirati recruits will have access to specialized gaining and pathways to job opportunities as principals and vice principals across the Charter School network. 

Emirati teachers inspire others

Emirati Hind Al Zarouni, academic dean of pupils at American Academy for Girls, said she likes the work-life balance she has working on education. 

She said, “When we work in education, we educate the next generation, and we get a chance to support and guide them.”

She added, “It takes a lot of skills and patience to be part of this sector.”

Source new graduates 

Gems Education is also looking to boost the number of Emirati staff it employs. 

Fatima Al Shamsi, head of the organization’s Emiratisation program, said “Gems would sign an agreement this year with the Higher Colleges of Technology to help them enroll graduates in their teaching and school management programs.”

Ms. Al Shamsi said, ” I am looking forward to increasing the number more. We are not going to stop “.

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