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Traveling soothes one’s soul. It enables us to see new places, meet new people, and see a whole new perspective of the world. This week, we are bringing a special interview for our travel-lover viewers. We interviewed Mohamed Isa, a travel enthusiast, and a Certified Tour Director.

Previously, we had discussed his journey as a writer and speaker. Along with that, he also has a passion for traveling. Mohamed Isa has a habit of turning his passion into a profession, enabling him to forge a brighter career. 

Let’s learn more about the passionate travel journey of Isa, with a particular focus on his recent Everest Base Camp Expedition, through our interview below.

How has your journey been till becoming the 1st ITMI (USA) Certified Tour Director in the Middle East?

“On 3 December 2015, I left my job as a Chief Financial Officer of an Investment Bank to pursue my true passions: Speaking, Writing, and Traveling. A friend recommended my name to a leading travel company based in Bahrain to join them as a freelance Tour Director. It was a great way to see the world, not only for free but for a fee! One of the main reasons I wanted to do this was to get client-facing experience to complement my professional profile. When I learned about the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) in California, USA, I decided to attain the certification to sharpen my tour-leading skills. The course was highly practical. We performed city tours in San Francisco and even went on a treasure hunt at San Francisco International Airport. And I participated in leading a tour along the famous California State Route 1. It was fun.”

How does traveling and seeing the world inspire you?

“Travel can inspire you to take your life to the next level. As a speaker, I have the edge over other speakers who do not travel much. Through my travel experiences, I gather firsthand experiences that I can effortlessly weave into my speeches. Of course, I do more research to validate my information and add more credibility to my talks. As I speak, I can think of many examples I have used in my speeches, from Marrakesh to Malaysia and several countries in between.”

How is traveling beneficial for individuals from your point of view?

Mohamed Isa skydiving from 4000 meters

“Our culture has a famous saying about the benefits of traveling. It goes like this: Travel because you gain five benefits. Firstly, you relieve yourself from the pressures of life. Secondly, you make a living by working or trading. Thirdly, you gain knowledge and experience. Fourthly, you learn ethics and moral values. And finally, you meet new people. I could talk endlessly about personal experiences on each of these benefits. If we sit over a cup of coffee, I could think of many more.”

You’ve been to so many places as a traveler. Do you have any specific moment or visit you will never forget or find to be the best?

“In August of 2016, I was leading a tour to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In the latter, we stayed in an Alpine village called Engelberg. It is the place to be. During our stay, we visited a magical place – Brunni. Mountains surround you. You can walk through the lush green meadows. And as you walk, you listen to the soothing water flowing through streams. The air was so fresh and clean.  

We took the first cable car to a height of 1850 meters. As we ascended, we enjoyed the breathtaking views of the village. We took a few pictures and moved on to the chair lifts when we arrived. On a previous trip, I could not take it. I did not know what was up there. When we arrived, it was paradise. There was a small lake. The timing was perfect. On the lake was a crystal-clear reflection of the hut, the alpine trees, and the mountains.”

The stunning Harzlisee Lake at Engelberg, Switzerland 

How did you feel after completing your Everest Base Camp Expedition?

Mohamed Isa at Everest Base Camp at 5364 meters

“I can tell you this was one of my best travel experiences. And I cannot wait to repeat it again and again. I fell in love with Nepal. I left my heart there. The Everest Base Camp trek is on the bucket list of thousands of people. However, most people think it is about getting to the finish line of the trek and taking that photo with the famous base camp stone. It is more than that. It is about the spectacular views you enjoy throughout the trail. It is about the people you meet from all over the world. It is about expanding your comfort zone – mentally and physically.  I will be leading an expedition to Everest Base Camp in May 2023.  The details will be on my travel Instagram: @nomad973.”

What were your experiences during the Expedition to the Everest Base Camp? 

“We had countless experiences during our trek to Everest Base Camp. I invite you to watch the almost 2-hour podcast interview. I am planning to write a book about this superb experience. In addition, I am planning to make a documentary film about it with my fellow adventurers. I have an abstract idea about doing this. I have already briefed my videographer about it, and I am meeting a few film and media professionals to help me with the scenario and other technical aspects.”

What is the most exotic destination you’ve been to?

“That is a tough call. However, should we focus on future aspirations, I would like to challenge myself to go for the Seven Summits. This means climbing the highest mountain on each continent. The first mountain on my mind is Kilimanjaro. Going on this challenge will be another excuse to ensure that I am fit all year round to tackle each mountain. Wish me luck!”

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