Leading The E-Commerce Market: Daria Tkachenko

Daria Tkachenko
Daria Tkachenko

Leading The E-Commerce Market: Daria Tkachenko

With the expansion of online marketplaces, having the best and most comprehensive insights is essential. In this aspect, e-commerce analytics companies provide the best solutions to brands and sellers. We got to interview Daria Tkachenko, the COO and Co-Founder of Sellematics and the Co-Founder and CEO of Sellscreen.io. Her profile is intriguing and reflects her in-depth knowledge of  (marketplaces and online retailers). Also, she is a promoter of leveraging data and analytics for international customers. With more than 11 years of expertise in this field, Daria is leading many startups in the global e-commerce space.

Let’s learn more about Daria and her journey with the help of this interview below.

The Major Idea Behind This Journey

“What’s the idea behind Sellematics and Sellcsreen.io? What’s it all about?” We asked

Sellematics.com is a SaaS e-commerce analytics platform that helps big brands and retailers increase their market share, digital shelf share, and other operational metrics, increasing their sales and marketplace revenues. Sellscreen.io is a similar solution, but for beginners and advanced marketplace sellers.

In 3 years, we have achieved massive success with our sellers. Some got on their feet, became serious companies and subsequently became Sellematics clients. We are trusted by companies such as Procter and Gamble, L’Oréal, and Colgate Palmolive, and it is with our solutions that we see their exponential growth.” shared Daria.

Development From Experience

We were interested to learn about her work experience, so we asked, “What was your working experience in China?”

The idea for the product came when I was working on a marketplace in China. At some point, I realized that Chinese sellers are cunning and efficient.

They use data wisely and build their strategy based on it, which helps them beat the competition, even without having the best product on the market.” she replied.

Unique Approaches And Differences From Competitors

We noticed that your approaches are unique. Can you tell us something about your brand’s unique approach that distinguishes you from the competition?

Daria replied, “We realized that at that time, there were no services that could simultaneously cover a large number of marketplaces around the world. And those that do cover multiple marketplaces only partially cover them for a particular category or brand. In other words, they could not accumulate historical data that could be valuable for analysis.

Accordingly, we have created a system that allows you to collect data on more than 30 marketplaces and retailers with all aggregated metrics, including prices, sales, inventory, etc. We know category sizes and historical changes within these categories, we can estimate market share and digital shelf share, and we provide a very high-quality SEO optimization tool.”

“What do you think distinguishes good sellers from bad sellers?”

First and foremost, it is the ability to use analytics and data to drive decisions—the speed of decision-making and reaction to the marketplace opportunities. And finally, the ability to calculate unit economy and marginality.” shared Daria.

Start Of The Journey

Daria’s journey over the years has provided her extensive experience in the cross-border e-commerce industry. So we asked, “While we are at it, could you tell us something about your career journey?”

She shared, “It so happened that I have lived in China for almost my entire adult life. I moved when I was 19 and soon began making money on purchases and deliveries in China. Then, I opened a fulfilment centre where I processed electronic orders for websites in China.

After five years of work in e-commerce and international trade, I got a job in the largest logistics company – SF express, where I worked for several years on creating a marketplace.

In 2014, I headed the Chinese office of mail.ru, where I was engaged in cross-border marketplace processes and worked with sellers. The 2019 pandemic was a turning point when I left the company and invested in the development of Sellematics.”

Major Goals Of The Brands

“What’s the goal with your two brands?” we asked.

Daria shared, “The main goal is for our clients to use their resources more efficiently and increase their profits. As mentioned earlier, we see the result, especially for small clients who are changing their lives before our eyes with the help of our tool, which makes us incredibly happy.”

Providing Opportunity Paves To Team Success

As we can see, you are a successful leader; what do you think makes the team successful?

I don’t know what a successful leader is supposed to do because the concept of success is very relative. But it seems to me that a person who takes responsibility for a team should, first of all, give people the opportunity to grow, self-develop, and learn“, she replied

Challenges And Plans For MENA Region

We were interested to learn about your plans for tackling challenges and strategies for smaller merchants in the MENA Region.

Daria responded, “We have noticed that working with small sellers in this region is challenging. The community is very dispersed and still does not fully understand the importance of data analysis. Therefore, first we need to convey the value of our tool and teach sellers how to use it to increase their sales.

Each country has completely different ecosystems and marketplaces. Ecosystems around these marketplaces are usually poorly built, so we set ourselves the goal of becoming the centre of this ecosystem and strive to ensure that as many people as possible become aware of the opportunities for improving their standard of living that open up in e-commerce D2C, and the world of the marketplace.”

“Of course, we started with the Emirates and Saudi Arabia markets. But in 2023, we plan to expand to Egypt and other countries. At the same time, our customers are not limited to Emirates marketplaces. We have clients from Lebanon, India, and Jordan who successfully use our services.” she added.

Message For The Viewers

“Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?” we inquired.

Daria replied, “Despite the difficult economic situation in the world, we believe that there are plenty of opportunities in any crisis, and for many, this will be an impetus for growth.”

Connect with Daria Tkachenko on LinkedIn.

Find Sellematics On LinkedIn and Instagram. Also, visit Sellscreen On LinkedIn.

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