Single-site Solar Plant To Be Fully Functional This Year In UAE


A partner company said Tuesday that one of the largest solar plants is on the verge of becoming fully functional this year in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. The UAE, a significant oil exporter, is investing billions in developing enough renewable energy to cover half its needs by 2050. Also, it’s targeting net-zero carbon emissions by that year.

Olivier Bordes, a regional director for France’s EDF Renewables, stated that the Al Dhafra project situated in the desert around 35 kilometers (21.7) to the South of Abu Dhabi, it will deliver adequate electricity for 160,000 households in the country of 10 million people.

Bordes said to AFP, ” It started stimulating its first kilowatt hours of electricity at the end last year and will officially go into service before the summer. Once fully operational, it will create up to 2.1 gigawatts. “

The state holds Emirati companies TAQA and Masdar have sixty percent of the project, which they define as the world’s largest 

single-solar plant. The rest is owned by an institution formed by EDF Renewables and China Jinko Power Technology. 

Coming over to the site on Tuesday, France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire welcomed the ” incredibly close collaboration” between Paris and Abu Dhabi in renewable energy. 

Le Maire, who also halted in Saudi Arabia and Qatar on a regional tour, stated that he wanted to ” support” oil-producing Gulf countries on their track to ” decolonization.” 

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On Tuesday, the renewable energy firm in Masdar stated that the Emirati and French companies have ” collaborated in the development, investment, and function of over 6.2 gigawatts of renewable and clean energy programs globally”.

Masdar also elaborated in the statement that, Businesses from both countries have also “activated over US $6 billion in investment, and replacing some 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually”.


The above announcement clarified that the UAE would host the COP 28 climate summit in November and December. This is an action criticized by environmentalists who inquire as one of the largest oil producers is leading the fight against global warming. 

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