Ramadan 2023: Umrah Bookings Hit an All-Time High in UAE

Umrah Bookings
Umrah Bookings

Umarh operators in the UAE have recorded a gigantic surge in the pilgrimage ahead of Ramadan, with an increase of about 65 percent compared to the previous month. Demand for the Umrah pilgrimage is increasing before and during the holy month of Ramadan. 

Shebin Rashid from Bait al Ateeq Haj services said, ” We have recorded a gigantic rise in the numbers of residents traveling to the holy city of Makkah for Umrah.”

Each Umrah operator says that around 50 pilgrims travel by flight every week and many more by bus. 

Jaffer Pulappatta, who facilitates groups of Umrah pilgrimage, said, ” Around hundred buses depart from different parts of the country to Makkah every Wednesday, and each bus can accommodate around 50 passengers.”

He added, ” We facilitate around 50 people going every week to Umarh, so there are many other agencies as well, and the number of people traveling in this season is gigantic”.

Operators say that an increase of around 

10- 15 percent in pricing is expected in the first two weeks of Ramadan. 

Based on this calculation, around 5,000 people travel by bus from UAE to Makkah every week. 

Umrah Bookings


Umrah groups offer attractive packages to fulfill the pilgrimage and say that, because of heavy demand, these packages’ prices are increasing weekly. 

Pulapatta added, ” Currently a package of Umrah costs around Dh 4,000 on average, and we cannot assume the same rate next week as the accommodation availability and tariffs fluctuate frequently. “

By Air

Many airlines cater to Umrah travelers as they are authorized to access the Haj terminal in Jeddah. 

A five-day package

  • Costs currently Dh 4,000
  • Three days in Makkah and two days in Madina
  • Food excluded from the package
  • Includes three-star accommodation, transfers, visa, air tickets
  • Five-star accommodation can be provided at an extra cost on availability. 

By Bus

A 10-day package

  • Departs from Sharjah, Dubai, and Al Ain
  • Single journey travel time is between 20-25 hours with 3- 4 halts. 
  • Currently, the cost is Dh 800- 20,00 approx
  • Five days in Makkah and three days in Madina
  • Three times food while traveling on the bus

Aggregators also mentioned that the visa costs of Dh700 will be eliminated for those with a valid Umrah visa or Saudi Multiple entry visa. 

Wearing Ihram

Ihram is a sacred state where a Muslim must enter to perform the Hajj or Umrah. 

Rasheed said that Irham is worn by the pilgrims traveling by bus before entering Miqat point and “the bus will stop at a Miqat point for the pilgrims to change Irham. “

Required Documents 

  • Passport
  • Vaccination certificate 
  • PCR certificate 
  • Yellow fever vaccination is required
  • No age restrictions for Umrah 

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