Things We Learned From Qatar World Cup Opening Ceremony

Qatar World Cup
Qatar World Cup

Things We Learned From Qatar World Cup Opening Ceremony: World Cup opening ceremonies don’t hold up the cultural weight of the Olympic opening ceremonies. Many have interrupted Qatar from hosting this World Cup as it incurred no expenses on the 30-minute show that came before the opening meeting between Qatar and Ecuador. Hereby, below are some points that we learned about the openings of the World Cup. 

What We Learned From FIFA Qatar World Cup

1. Song of their own 

Some dancers seemed to be dressed up as Imperial troops from Star Wars holding lightsabers, singers, and drummers who ran through the greatest football chants. Then the camera would switch to the crowd where the groups of fans from competing nations Qatar and Ecuador were seated together wearing their replicated shirts to cheer them on.

2. An eye into the future 

There was the standard industrial entertainment complex opening ceremony at the Al Bayt Stadium before the startling match between Qatar and Ecuador. The Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman lent his willful voice to the proceedings that also included a turn from Jung Kook from the Korean group BTS. The cultural heritage of Qatar was also highlighted by the rite of passage. The African champions Senegal up aside the star-packed Netherlands. Though fireworks were lacking on the pitch, they brightened the sky as partisans trudged into the breezy Doha night.

3. Russia made a mark.

The Qatari organizers brought back the time with the mascot of World Cups by marking a welcome appearance of Naranjito from Spain in 1982 and Footix in 1998. However, the appearance of Zabivaka, Russia’s mascot from the last tournament, was not welcomed. Russia was deported from the World Cup for the invasion of Ukraine in February this year.

 The parade of old mascots celebrated the entrance of the World Cup 2022. La ‘eeb is said to be based on the ghutra headdress, but many viewers noted that it looked like the risen spirit of the migrant workers who died while working for this tournament. 

4. Emir claimed the World Cup would celebrate diversity.

Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad- al – Thani was a well-known name with the crowd when he appeared. He smiled broadly when he saw the video which showed him playing football as a young boy in the 1970s or 1980s.

Homosexual relationships are illegal in Qatar. Earlier this month, former Qatar international footballer and World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman said that homosexuality is “damage in mind”.

However, al-Thani said that the event gathered people of all nations and their beliefs. ” From Qatar, from the Arab world, ” I welcome everyone to the World Cup 2022. How lovely it is that people can set aside what divides them to celebrate their diversity, bringing them together all at once”.

5. FIFA President Gianni Infantino kept quiet – till the last moment 

After Saturday’s strange hour-long press conference, Infantino declared he felt gay, disabled, and like a migrant worker, which implied a much simple message to deliver during the ceremony. He was Silent and sat next to Emir but said nothing.

However, in a motion, long after the ceremony had finished, and as Qatar and Ecuador gathered on the pitch, FIFA’s president, out of the blue, took the microphone to say, ” football unites the world. And now let’s welcome the teams and let the show begin. All the best to everyone”.


The Qatar World Cup opening ceremony started with a bang, with many star-studded attractions. Though Russia was banned as per the invasion of Ukraine, they were allowed to parade its old mascot to entertain the people with its usual tactics. Thus, the World Cup brought along many nations, their beliefs, and cultures, uniting them all in one. Setting aside all the diversities and uniting to enjoy the game was the best part of the World Cup 2022. 

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