Is Green Hydrogen The Fuel Of The Future?

Green Hydrogen
Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen is one of the extensively used elements on the earth which can be used as a cleaner alternative fuel. Green hydrogen can be considered the ‘fuel of the future’.

At present, less than 1% of hydrogen that is produced is green hydrogen. As per a study by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), hydrogen will make up 12% of the energy mix by 2050. Later, it also stated that 66% of this hydrogen should be from water and no natural gas should be mixed. 

What is Green Hydrogen?

Hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources through electrolysis methods is called Green Hydrogen. In this process, an electric current is used to separate hydrogen from the oxygen in the water, and renewable sources like wind or solar energy are used for electricity for electrolysis. Hence, no greenhouse gases are emitted during the production of hydrogen.

Why is Green Hydrogen called fuel for the future?

When burnt like other fuels, hydrogen produces energy, making it an environmentally friendly power as it is planted through the byproducts in the burning of hydrogen water and water vapour. 

As it is an energy carrier, it can store an abundance of energy and hence it is creating its demand through being used in petroleum refining and transportation.

Green Hydrogen is also used in generating electricity and heat. Besides, green hydrogen energy is used in applications like portable power, backup power, etc. It is comparatively highly efficient and has lower carbon emissions. 

There are other types of hydrogen as well which include:

  • Grey Hydrogen 
  • Blue Hydrogen 

Advantages of Green Hydrogen as fuel 

  • Green Hydrogen can be stored for extended periods, which is why it is used in producing electricity and fuel cells.
  • Reacting with oxygen, green hydrogen fuel produces electricity and water vapour can be utilized in grid stability. 
  • Being a flexible carrier, green hydrogen can be used for many energy applications like transportation and the integration of renewable energies. 
  • Green Hydrogen is produced using RE and electrolysis, thereby splitting water from grey hydrogen produced by greenhouse gases and methane releases. 
  • Many countries in North America and Europe are mixing green Hydrogen with PNG, which counts as around 15-20% in some networks. Apart from this, other pilot projects on green hydrogen fuel mixing with PNG are tested in other countries like the Netherlands, France, Germany, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

Futuristic Approach 

  • Renewable developers are keen on using green hydrogen as an evolving market, and some have even targeted the transport sector.
  • Policymakers plan a holistic approach for planning and analyzing the promising model of green hydrogen, which is on the verge of being considered a primary fuel. 


Green hydrogen is all set to become the Fuel of the Future, and many futuristic approaches are also being made by other countries that are all set to be utilized soon. With significant advantages and opportunities, green hydrogen fuel and green hydrogen energy have also become major exporters of hydrogen.

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