In a historic visit, Saudi Arabia signs a $400 million agreement for help to Ukraine.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated this was the first official visit of yeh Saudi foreign affairs minister in more than 30 years and the most senior for any Arab delegation since the invasion of Russia last year. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, visited Kyiv on Sunday. He met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and signed $400 million of humanitarian aid to the country. 

Saudi Arabia

The trip marks the first official visit for any Saudi foreign minister to Kyiv in more than 30 years after Ukraine gained independence in 1991.

The top diplomat of Saudi Arabia called for a political resolution to the year-long war with Russia and signed deals with hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in the post-war recovery of Ukraine. 

The agreement also includes $ 100 million in humanitarian aid and $300 million in oil products as a grant from the Kingdom. 

Prince Faisal emphasized the need for aid to Ukraine at a press conference where the eye mentioned the signing of two deals. He also stated that the war needs to be resolved politically at the negotiating table and as per international law. 

The senior Saudi official stated, ” To reach a peaceful solution to this war, we, Saudi Arabia, have a firm belief that any and if the war should be through dialogue, and it must be done on the negotiating table obeying international law, following the United Nations, and in respect to the sovereignty of the states.”

Prince Faisal added, “We will continue to work with all parties to search for opportunities to reach this settlement.”

Besides, the official website of the Ukrainian president also wrote that both parties emphasized the importance of Saudi support for the sovereignty of Ukraine and territorial integrity. 

He added, ” We appreciate the visit and consider it important evidence of support for Ukraine.” 

Besides, in January, the Saudi foreign minister said in Davos that his country’s partnership with Russia on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries plus its allies is essential. 

Saudi Arabia and Turkey mediated a large-scale prisoner swap in September 2022. Around 300 people, including 10 foreigners, were released, including two Americans, a Swede, a Croatian, five Britins, and a Moroccan. In return, 55 Russians and pro- Moscow Ukrainians were sent back to Moscow. 

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