Dubai Hills Park – Have An Epic Recreational Fun With Family

Dubai Hills Park

Visit the Dubai Hills Park this summer and have a blast with your family! The place offers a pleasant experience. With the wonderful weather and the lovely view, the place provides the perfect recreational fun!

Now, this park isn’t like your regular park full of swings, slides and benches – there’s so much more to it. You will find Dubai Hills Park Cafe, restaurants, and so many fun-filled activities at this park. 

This park offers a whole new experience with uniqueness. You would find monkey bars, cargo nets and a rope swing set to challenge the energetic kids. Hence, your kid will be busy having fun rather than you having to entertain them.

On top of that, the skate park, splash park and the fun ice rink add endless entertainment opportunities at this park in the Dubai Hills Estate.

More About Dubai Hills Park

Centrally located in the Dubai Hills Estate Community, this place is only a 15 minutes drive from Downtown Dubai. 

With over 1800 palms and several beautiful greeneries, the place has a wonderful eco-friendly vibe that helps you relax and unwind. In addition, the fun activities in this vast area have an unbelievably amazing feel.

Visitor Attractions in the Dubai Hills Estate Park

Some of the notable eye-opening attractions and activities in this park include:

  • The Ice Rink

The ice rink enables you to have a fun-filled skating experience. If you are into ice skating, this is the best place. Without any age restrictions, the Ice Rink can enable younger ones to have all the fun with their parents or guardians. 

  • The Skate Park

Enjoy your time in the skate park open for all ages. You can practice your heart out and show your new skills. Have an amazing time in the skate park. 

  • The Splash Park

Want to cool down on hot summer days? Try out the splash park and play in the water! You can let the little ones enjoy and glide around on slides or try splashing in the puddle pool. This place is perfect for a good summertime and gets under the big bucket to get a pour bucket-full of water.

Apart from these activities, the Dubai Hills Park also provides different fun activities such as table tennis, outdoor gym, basketball, track running, family picnic, fun with pets and whatnot. 

Dubai Hills Park Tickets

The entry tickets for Dubai Hills Estate Park are approximately 55 AED for residents and 85 AED for non-residents. It will act as a day pass for the fun attractions in the park. However, you might have to pay for some attractions in the park, such as the splash park, skate park and ice rink. Tickets for each include:

Ice Rink: 25 AED for residents and AED 35 for non-residents

Skate Park: AED 20 for residents and AED 30 for non-residents

Splash Park: AED 20 (kids), AED 25 (Adults) for residents and AED 30 (Kids), AED 40 (Adults) for non-residents

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Final Words

So, what’s the wait? Enjoy your time at the Dubai Hills Park this summer! Have a blast in the splash park or skate in the ice rink. You can have a wonderful family picnic and take a break from regular workdays. This park brings the best out of the lush green area.


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