200% Hike In Demand For Electric Cars in UAE

Hike of Electric Cars in UAE

2022 has shown us various transitions. From digitalization to technological advancements – everything has led to exponential changes all across the globe. However, with the advancement of technology and digitalization, people are also more interested in electric cars in UAE. 

There are also changes in the prices of different commodities like fuel. Now, with the increase in fuel prices, people look forward to adopting a better alternative that can also lead to sustainability. That’s how the demand for electric cars in UAE rose incredibly in June 2022. 

Even the CEO of New Auto, Belal Nasr, stated that Electric Vehicles are a new light to the extremely costly fuels. It’s a cost-effective way to drive around. 

As per him, rather than spending Dh2,000 on fuel, paying small installments for electric cars in UAE is better. Even banks are helping people with this through the attractive interest rates on EVs. 

Electric Cars in UAE – The Ultimate Requirement

Electric Cars in Dubai

Nowadays, most people believe that electric cars in Dubai are a wonderful way to fight the high fuel costs. However, with the increase of these electric vehicles, the shortage of EVs is also noticeable. 

Michael Jizhar, the Executive Vice President of MODENA, stated how sustainability is possible and EVs, along with other sustainable products, can connect the idea of city home and mobility. He has been developing electric cars since 2016. 

One of the best prototypes Michael produced was replacing the engines of regular cars with electric engines. Whether it’s a BMW electric car, Toyota, or any other, using it is possible by replacing the regular engines with electric engines. 

This is a cost-effective way of transitioning to electric cars in UAE. As per an AUDI Abu Dhabi survey, approximately 52% of UAE residents consider using electric cars and hybrids due to the rise in fuel prices. Some 35% are even waiting for better EV options. 

Electric cars in Dubai are gaining popularity and have an accelerated adoption rate. The best part is that UAE is supporting the usage of EVs. Some buildings and malls in UAE are providing free parking for electric cars. Even the UAE’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure agreed with Siemens technology. The agreement was to install 10 ultra-fast chargers for electric vehicles on Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain highways.

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Initiatives For EVs in Dubai 

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) came up with the “Green Charger” initiative. They are offering more than 325 charging stations for electric cars in Dubai. This shows how the number of stations may increase by thousands by 2025. 

Even the Dubai Investments Park started an initiative to install charging stations for electric cars in Dubai (free zones). This helps to encourage sustainability and environmentally-friendly electric vehicle usage in the city. 

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