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Satyapal Singh

Satyapal Singh is an accomplished CEO and Director with a wealth of experience in the environment, energy and sustainability sector. He is the CEO and Director of GE3S, a renowned sustainability consulting firm in the United Arab Emirates. Satyapal is a recognized leader in the industry and has been instrumental in driving sustainable growth and development in the Middle East and beyond. He has worked on several high-profile projects, advising governments, businesses, and organizations on energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, and sustainability. Satyapal is known for his passion, expertise, and commitment to sustainability and is highly regarded by his peers and clients alike. Learn more through our interview below.

Starting Off The Career Path

We asked, “Which career path led you to where you are today?”

Satyapal Singh

Satyapal Singh says, “The early stages of my life in a rural area, followed by studying in a metropolitan city, have constantly developed my inquisitive attitude. Therefore, I chose to pursue a career in a sustainability consulting firm based in Gurgaon, India, where I have traveled across India for multiple sustainability and climate change mitigation assignments. This amalgamation of rural life exposure, urban life experience during my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and other consulting experience has led me to my current stage in life.”

We also wanted to know how his company started. So we further asked, “What inspired you to develop the idea for your company?”

Seeking a balance between rural and urban lifestyles has always been an area of interest for me. Furthermore, observing growth patterns and growing concerns about environmental and climate change led me to establish a sustainability firm to disseminate knowledge, ideas, and experiences for a better life for human beings.” He replied.

Business Priorities

Every business has different goals and models to look forward to. However, their priorities keep changing based on market trends and long-term goals. We wanted to know how it’s happening with Satyapal’s company. Our next question was:

“How have your priorities in terms of business evolved since you first started?”

He shared, “Our services revolve around waste management, water reduction, energy saving, clean energy advisory, sustainability advisory, and digitizing operations. While our consulting services and solutions are core to our firm, we are also focused on developing the following areas in parallel:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Sustainable Real Estate
  • Advanced Battery Membrane
  • Green Hydrogen Development”

Solving Challenges

Different businesses come across different challenges across their path. What matters

is how they tackle it. We further asked Satyapal Singh, “What are the most challenging situations that your company overcomes?”

He replied, “We face many challenges, including retaining talent, COVID-19 uncertainty, relying solely on bookish financial advisors, a lack of project financing, and outdated evaluation criteria by financial institutions that do not fit current world problems. Additionally, we find it challenging to raise funds for service companies in the region, constraining liquidity and limiting the potential for company growth. Any SME company may go bankrupt without a funding mechanism and with a couple of client payment delays. This region is yet to mature in investing in service companies, making it the most challenging situation for companies to grow.”

What’s the critical strength to overcome it?

“We are an integrated environmental, energy and sustainability service provider, which opens a broad spectrum of service domains to generate new inquiries and increase the company’s revenue from multiple streams. This helps us switch from one service to another based on market needs and generate continuous income. Additionally, assistance from friends and colleagues has helped me overcome financial constraints.” He further added.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Uniqueness can make a company stand out. We were curious about the uniqueness of GE3S. So we asked, “What makes your company stand out from all the other businesses in your industry?”

Satyapal Singh added, “GE3S is a one-stop solution for sustainability services. We are uniquely positioned to offer industrial automation, net-zero solutions, ESG advisory, policy and framework development for both government and private entities, training, capacity building, and sustainability software development.”

What KPIs do you use to measure your business success?

He adds, “Client satisfaction, retention, new client addition, geographic expansion, and continuously adding new services are some KPIs we look at during our internal evaluation process.”

Focus on Decarbonisation and Sustainability

During our discussion, we also asked Satyapal to share GE3S’s services with us.

He said, “We have transformed our company from a service-based to a solution-based company. A significant focus is digitization, blockchain, and AI/ML service-based solutions. We have developed software for Asset Health Monitoring (AHM) and Reliability Center Maintenance (RCM). These are unique solutions to increase productivity and reduce the operational costs of industries.”

He further added, “Overall, our focus remains on decarbonization and sustainability. We bring the 360-degree perspective of ESG/ Sustainability advisory as below services.

  • Policy and procedure development
  • Benchmarking
  • Reporting
  • Strategy
  • Sustainability project management
  • Program development
  • Sustainability initiatives implementations
  • Dashboard and tools development

GE3S sustainability exclusive partnership role for the financial sector is designed to help achieve long-term value and facilitate the following roles:

  • ESG Rating
  • ESG risk mapping
  • ESG due diligence
  • Sustainability newsletter
  • Sustainability events”

Teamwork and Client-centric Approach

Teamwork is an important aspect of any workplace and for a better work environment. We also think that it plays a crucial role in business success. We asked Satyapal’s views on this, “How do you build trust with your employees and boost productivity without causing burnout?”

Business is a science. Therefore, all employees are left to work in their style while ensuring client deliverables are delivered in a timely and quality manner.

Currently, we are a flat organization; therefore, each employee can directly reach out to management and feel connected to each other.

We conduct outdoor activities and allow WFM options to boost productivity. Ultimately, our purpose remains that every employee feels a sense of ownership towards the company. Along the same line, we are soon offering ESOP to our existing employees who have completed over three years with our firm.” He replied.

Technological Growth and Words of Advice

“How do you stay on top of new technologies and trends in your industry?”

He added, “I come from an engineering background; therefore, I can understand technologies and upgrade myself through regular study and interaction with professionals from diverse backgrounds to deepen my understanding.”

Lastly, we asked, “What advice would you give to starting entrepreneurs?”

“Be focused on your goal. Be passionate about what you love to do. Look for long-term results. Have the patience to achieve your goals.” Satyapal Singh added.

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