Agility & Quality Combined For Business Growth With Hovi Digital Lab – Bob Sabra

Business Growth
Business Growth

Agility & Quality Combined For Business Growth With Hovi Digital Lab – Bob Sabra

Bob Sabra is the CEO of Hovi Digital Lab, a SaaS company that specializes in helping startups power their growth departments to thrive and grow. He has extensive experience in digital marketing and a deep understanding of eCommerce. Bob’s company Hovi Digital Lab provides end-to-end digital marketing and SaaS services with an innovative approach. Learn more about it through our interview below.

Starting of The Career Journey

We started by asking Bob, “How did you begin your career journey? Do you have some advice for beginners?”

He replies, “Belief in what you perceive. You have to set a larger-than-life goal to complete and start working methodically towards it. Always reflect and remind yourself that there is a bigger goal you are pursuing. Don’t be afraid to make bold decisions, but do your best in any task you do, whether small or big, and inspire your team throughout. Make sure they are in on your ultimate objective and strategy.

Goal setting is always an essential part of progress. We started this business with a 2-people show. I was driving the framework setup and the product, and we got to a point where our goals were more extensive than our capabilities, and we drove accordingly.”

Idea & Goals


What’s the idea behind Your Company?

He said, “​​Hovi stands for Honest Vision. It speaks volumes about our dream of breaking through a globally competitive landscape and disrupting the world of Sales and Marketing while working with the most incredible pool of talent and enjoying every step of the journey. We love seeing businesses reach their full potential and want to help them get there without all the empty promises marketing agencies usually offer in their business contracts. We’ve seen first-hand the difficulty companies experience with digital transformation and want to make that process easier and more effective with AI + ML.”

“What’s the goal of your company?” We further asked.

“The company has three goals that drive it forward on its mission:

  • Become the employer of choice in the region
  • Change the way digital marketing and sales operate globally
  • Revolutionize Sales and Marketing frameworks using AI, ML, and the Predictable Revenue Model,” Bob continued.

We were also curious about understanding Bob Sabra’s views on teamwork, so we continued by asking a few relevant questions.

The Ultimate Way Of Team Success

What makes a team successful, in your opinion?

“Culture. I’m glad we can see such a global change in corporate culture, and we were the first to take such a big step forward in the region with our 4-day work week.

Our people are held and hold themselves accountable according to our 7 internal values, and this is something that we look at in every Yearly Performance Review with each team member. We understand how influential a company’s culture is to its success.

We spread that culture top-down and work together to lift each other and overcome the challenges we face toward our goals. We also understand how crucial it is to grow and develop professionally continuously, and we have allocated each department a budget solely for employee training and development.” Bob replied.

How important are employees’ energy levels to the success of your company?

He shares, “Extremely. We understand that happy people are productive people, and we want to help our People tick both those boxes. We were already ahead of the curve when it came to focusing on our People and built it into daily operation with our 4-day work week, Coaching Program, Therapy Program, Learning & Development budgets and processes, monthly and quarterly outings and excursions, and we aim to keep our people happy.”

When we asked him how he motivates his team, Bob says:

“We go the extra mile for them first. We believe that the most critical asset in any business is the People, and Hovi takes this matter very seriously. We look to build a diverse team full of uber-successful people focused on personal growth and development and looking to achieve the goals they set out for themselves. We provide the support our people need in many different ways, starting with our 4-day work week.

We were the first to implement this in the region, and our employees’ 5th day should be focused on their growth, whether it be personally or professionally. We augment this with our Professional Coaching Program led by a John Maxwell-Certified Coach and Personal Development Plans. We also focus on our employees’ mental health as much as their OKRs through our company-sponsored Therapy Program. We do this because we understand that a healthy mind provides room for happiness, and happiness can lead to increased productivity.”

Solving Challenges

Every business, at some point, gets across challenges. So, we also wanted to know Bob’s take on this. Hence, we asked, “What keeps Your Company moving forward even during challenges?”

“While our use of the Agile Methodology and leading processes drive us forward, I can’t stress the importance of our internal values and the people at Hovi in successfully overcoming adversity. Our internal values are something we commit to living by, and our people understand and commit to them. They’re a core part of every team member’s yearly performance review, with each member being held accountable for abiding by them.

Our Internal Values are the following:

Default to Transparency – We believe in tackling challenges head-on, which can only be done when everyone is on the same side and, more importantly, on the same page.

Cultivate Positivity – The team focuses on pushing forward and pulling each other up toward our goals, and overcoming any challenge on our way together.

Show Gratitude – We focus on appreciating what we have been able to achieve while striving towards bigger and better things.

Practice Reflection – We’re constantly looking for ways to optimize processes, and it’s no different when it comes to improving our day-to-day. The analysis is an essential aspect of any process improvement. Part of growing and developing is practicing self-reflection and self-awareness to leverage our strengths and develop our weaknesses.

Improve Consistently – This goes hand-in-hand with our value of reflection because awareness is only half the battle. We must continuously grow and develop ourselves to operate at the highest levels and provide our best work to our clients and ourselves.

Be Proactive – We believe in doing something other than waiting for problems to arise and being reactive. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and stay ahead of any change, leveraging new software, learning new skills, and driving our clients, industry, and ourselves forward.

Aim for Perfection to Reach Excellence – Just as the saying goes, we aim for the moon to land among the stars. We won’t say we’re perfectionists, but we set a high bar for ourselves to strive continuously.”

Technological Changes

Technology is becoming crucial these days. We wanted to know how Hovi is adapting to it. So, our next question was, “How do you think technology is leading to changes in businesses? Do you feel it’s helping your company grow?”

“Technology allows us to grow, expand, and scale like never before. With how fast tech is evolving, we can leverage it to enable businesses to develop at the same speed. We can expand our reach, automate processes, and access insights without having to number-crunch data. It even allows companies to offer their people the freedom to work from the comfort of their own homes or remotely on some adventure island.

Technology is helping us grow, but we understand that it’s crucial to invest in the right tools and resources, which we want to help other companies do as well.” replied Bob Sabra.

We further asked, “How is your company adapting to digitalization?”

“We operate using the Agile Methodology. This allows us to continuously adapt to the changes and advances in technology and the world of digital marketing. We leverage automation to enable our people to focus on deep-thinking work, optimizing strategy to achieve goals, and generally simplifying our lives, professionally and personally.”

When we asked Bob Sabra if he uses innovative ideas to be unique.

“We use innovative ideas to transform the digital landscape and reach our goals. Innovative ideas are great in principle, but if they don’t add value to our clients or us, simply using them to be unique would go against our values. We innovate to move forward and evolve, enabling us to be unique.” says Bobs.

End To End Services

What are the services/solutions or products offered by Hovi as par with the current industry standards? Tell us something about your upcoming products or services.

“Hovi offers an end-to-end Digital Marketing and Sales Solution. It focuses on achieving four things for our clients:

  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Increase Sales Conversions
  • Decrease Marketing Costs
  • Improve Tech Stacks

The solution consists of three core Frameworks:

The Outreach Framework

We build an automated lead generation engine to help consistently drive qualified leads into the sales pipeline. We use automated lead-scoring mechanisms to increase conversion rates by identifying the best prospects for your business. In addition, we clarify your Target Market, break it down to TAM, SAM, and SOM, and build data-enriched Buyer Personas, allowing all companies to maximize the efficiency of their Outbound Marketing.

The Inbound Framework

Focused on placing client websites in the top spot on SERPs, we completely revamp Search Engine Optimization Strategies and structures, Leverage Link Building, and create content and campaigns to drive organic conversions. We know what works, and we leverage our unique position at the forefront of the industry to position our clients at the top of their markets. We’ll use best practices to build complete funnels and drive relevant visitors to client websites. Also, we will convert site visitors into quality leads with phenomenal user experience, web design, online listings, and valuable content.

The Sales Framework

We completely revamp and optimize sales processes to build on the Predictable Revenue model and uplift sales operations. We set up a complete sales engine to automate tasks, smash the data barriers between Sales and Marketing, and integrate a comprehensive Sales Enablement Tech Stack to empower sellers to sell. We also provide the necessary scripts, sales enablement material, training, and playbooks to upskill entire sales teams and watch the number of closed deals rise and soar.”

The Grower Platform

I’m also happy to introduce our Grower Platform! It’s our proprietary software that, put simply, acts as a single screen for you to check all your analytics.

It’s always been an annoyance that impacts marketing operations to check so many different tools and platforms to check how marketing campaigns are doing: if they’re pushing leads, if those leads are the right ones, and what the entire funnel actually looks like.

With the Grower Platform, you can easily visualize your entire marketing, and sales funnel, check your ROI, compare campaigns without having to check all the marketing platforms and reports, and much more.

 Success Is About Intangibles

Lastly, we asked, “Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?”

“I believe that often, success is more about the intangibles. There will be situations where logic will tell you, ‘no, you shouldn’t do this,’ where naysayers will try to stop you from making a step, and the odds stack up against you on every level. Believe in your mission, believe in your goal, and after you do so, don’t just sit and wait for it to happen. Make it happen with hard work, dedication, and the intangibles of believing that you can realize whatever your mind sets out to achieve.” Bob Sabra concluded.

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