Winning – The Motivating Factor


Winning makes us happy! Winning makes us smile! 

When we are happy – our body generates hormones like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins which boost the mind for better focus and builds a healthy body. 

Similarly, when a company achieves its goals – everyone is happy! This happiness permeates across the corridors and percolates down to the lowest rank of the organization’s hierarchy. The whole organization is encompassed in a celebratory environment and a positive mindset. 

This is a profound and enigmatic feeling that every entrepreneur and senior management leader should strive hard to experience and work towards making it a success.   

So, what makes a company win? 

From a holistic perspective, there are four strong statements that can define the destiny of an organization – aspiring to grow exponentially. 

  1. The supremacy of Strategy
  2. The exuberance of Execution
  3. The audacity of Administration
  4. The tenacity of Technology. 

Every entrepreneur, leader, and senior manager has their own style and method of attaining their goals. The above four points are a sequential pattern that can be adopted to attain success.  

We will explore each of the above topics in detail:

#1. The supremacy of Strategy:

Strategy is the first key to attaining success. Strategy is about building Pathways, roadmaps, and directional charts to achieve a goal. Strategy is a “simplified approach” backed up by 100% clarity on execution. While formulating the strategy, we need to take into consideration the following:

  1. The revenue goal to be achieved. 
  2. The path or route should be “Clear” to achieve the goal.
  3. The goal can be ambitious but should be perceivable and achievable. 
  4. The method or process to achieve this should be very “simple.”  

Once an entrepreneur or senior management leader has “penned” down the strategy after an in-depth analysis and cost considerations have been taken, they can proceed further to explore the 2nd value statement of “The Exuberance of Execution.” 

Note Many a times – strategy is rolled out vaguely without finalizing the goal – with a focus only on activities and individual team personalities.  

“You cannot manage – what you cannot measure.”

#2. The Exuberance of Execution:

Once a strategy has been defined and rolled out, then the next step is investigation. This means that we investigate the following:

  1. We need to measure the “Spirit of happiness” of the team. 
  2. Which means finding out their consensus on the sales target. 
  3. Following this – we need to investigate whether they have “complete clarity” in achieving the goal. 
  4. Finally, we monitor whether they are taking “relevant actions” to attain the goal. 

If the sales target is perceived as “achievable” and the “execution method” is clearly understood – then it builds a strong momentum of positivity within the organization, and more than 100% effort is invested to achieve the goal. However, if the goal is perceived as “unrealistic and unachievable,” it is certain to result in failure. 

Every entrepreneur and senior management member has to “remember” that businesses are governed by the sentiments and motivations of the team. 

Note: Many a times – sales targets are enforced or pushed down upon the sales members, which can result in a catastrophic outcome. 

  “A vision without execution is hallucination.” 

#3. The audacity of Administration:

Administration is closely connected with Execution. This step does give the feeling of “supervision.” However, most entrepreneurs, senior managers, and mid-managers have misconceptions about administration. 

Administration is not:

  1. Micro-management of the team. 
  2. It is not about – weekly pushing the team to achieve the targets. 

It is about:

  1. Macro-management with Micro support. 
  2. It is about motivating and building trust & confidence in the team to achieve the goal. 

Administration is having the audacity to boldly pursue the ambitious goal. It is a religious and dedicated effort to follow the method of execution. It is a constant deep dive to inculcate belief and confidence within the team to achieve the goal.  

NB: Weekly reviews and push to deliver numbers are perceived as Micro-management – which can result in harmful ramifications to the company. 

“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas – what’s missing is the will to execute them.”

#4. The tenacity of Technology: 

Technology is a gift to mankind, and it is the greatest contributor to the management of the business. Using software tools in sales management, HR management, finance & operations helps inject efficiency and gain deep visibility on the company’s activity progress. 

Technology should never be used as a tool:

  1. To micro-manage or monitor the team
  2. To manipulate data and information. 

It should be used as:

  1. As a facilitator to support the sales, HR, Finance & Operations. 
  2. To research data and gather information which can result in “ease of achieving targets.” 

NB: Many a times – Entrepreneurs and senior professionals do not invest efforts and time to adopt and implement transformational software tools. These technologies help us to establish a smart and smooth process within the organization. 

“Technology is best – when it brings people together.”

The above four statements stand steadfastly “True” in building a resilient and flourishing organization. If the above sequence is followed religiously, then “success becomes inevitable.”    

2023 is the year of “rebounding” back from the aftermath of a pandemic and economic slowdown. It is the year of making a strong “comeback with resounding success.” Let’s make it another year of “winning.” 

“When you have a dream, and you grab it tight and never let go – Success will eventually be your loyal follower.” 

-Prakash Krishnamurthy


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