UAE to search for a crescent moon tomorrow during Ramadan 2023

crescent moon
crescent moon

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 21, the UAE will gaze for the Ramadan crescent moon. After the Maghrib (evening) prayer, the nation’s moon sighting committee will decide when the new lunar month officially begins.

Tomorrow, all Sharia courts in the United Arab Emirates will search for the crescent moon and alert the committee if they spot it.

crescent moon

The Abu Dhabi Judiciary Department is where the moon sighting committee will meet. The meeting will be presided over by Justice Minister Abdullah Sultan bin Awad Al Nuaimi, and several senior officials will be present.

Earlier, Saudi Arabian authorities urged Muslims to see the holy month’s crescent on Tuesday night. As with all months in the Islamic Hijri calendar, the crescent moon marks the beginning of the month. The holy month will start on March 22 if spotted tomorrow. If not, the month begins on March 23 on a Thursday. According to astronomical estimates, the month will likely start on Thursday.

Depending on when the moon is visible, the length of an Islamic month is either 29 or 30 days.

The Islamic calendar’s ninth month is called Ramadan.Astronomical calculations indicate that it will last 29 days this year. Eid Al Fitr will probably begin on Friday, April 21.

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