UAE Customs Seize and Recycle Dh2 Million Worth of Counterfeit Goods

The UAE Federal Customs Authority announced that they seized counterfeit goods worth Dh2 million in the country’s northern emirates. The authorities confiscated more than 80,000 items of various brands, including watches, eyeglasses, and clothes. The counterfeit goods were discovered in a container that was coming from an Asian country, and the UAE Customs were able to identify the shipment due to its suspicious activity.

The counterfeit goods were sent to the Recycling and Waste Management Center in Ras Al Khaimah, where they were dismantled and destroyed safely. The center has been authorized by the UAE government to dispose of counterfeit goods and illegal items that are confiscated by customs authorities. The center follows strict environmental regulations, ensuring that the seized goods do not harm the environment.

UAE Customs officials have been warning against the dangers of counterfeit goods, as they can harm the economy, legitimate businesses, and consumers. Counterfeit goods often do not meet quality and safety standards, and they can cause harm to people who use them. In addition, purchasing counterfeit goods funds criminal organizations, who use the profits to engage in other illegal activities.

The UAE Customs have been actively working to combat the sale and distribution of counterfeit goods in the country. They have implemented strict laws and regulations to prevent the entry of counterfeit goods, and they regularly conduct raids to seize fake items. The authorities urge consumers to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity or products to the authorities.

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The seizure and destruction of counterfeit goods worth Dh2 million is a significant achievement for the UAE authorities, and it sends a strong message to those who engage in the sale and distribution of fake products. The UAE remains committed to protecting its citizens and consumers from the dangers of counterfeit goods and ensuring the safety of its economy.


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