Top Business Ideas In Qatar 

Top Business Ideas
Top Business Ideas

Top Business Ideas In Qatar: Qatar, situated near Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world. All Qataris relish a high standard of living and the country’s exposure to international commerce enhances the possibility of becoming a leading financial and business junction. 

Qatar has also shown steady growth over the last decade and will also host the 2022 FIFA World Cup this year, which will give immense amounts of opportunities to new investors and entrepreneurs for setting up and catering to the football lovers plunging into the country. 

Why start a business in Qatar 

Qatar is home to 85 nationalities and provides several prospects for the business to grow. Qatar is the wealthiest country with a lot of natural gas deposits and a strong and healthy infrastructure for exporting it. 

Moreover, the business environment in Qatar is very favorable, conducive, and embracing foreigners. The government does not charge any income tax to the businessman and thus, according to Forbes, Qatar is accelerating its private sector with great success. Though there are also many small business opportunities in Qatar that have greater potential in the future.

Top Business Ideas to get started

1. Interior Designing

Qatar is a place with wealthy people who want to spend their life in amenities. Thus, having the best interior design for their offices and houses is a must. This can be a perfect business for candidates who are interested in art, creativity, design, and decorating. So, undeniably this industry is continuously flourishing in the country.

2. Fitness Centre 

In Qatar, fitness is inducing popularity and this is an ideal time to commence a fitness center in Doha. Qataris are workaholics and so to relieve their pressure they need an option where they can spend time, so lots of people prefer to stay fit by going to the fitness center to combat their daily life depression.

3. Restaurant Business

There are many people in Qatar from different origins and they ought to miss the delicacies of their native places. To resolve their problem, we can start a restaurant business that sells American, and Chinese dishes and also offers a wide range of outland cuisine to make them feel a little better.

4. Maintenance Services 

There is a dire need for maintaining technological appliances in Qatar. It is cheaper to maintain and install those appliances, rather than to replace them. There are immense opportunities in Qatar for businesses that impart maintenance services for plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, and mechanical. 

5. Delivery Business 

With the popularity of E-commerce businesses in this internet age, there arises the need for delivery service to transport the items purchased by the customers. This is considered the most convenient way by people nowadays, as they can get everything to their doorstep without much effort and without wasting their valuable time. It is also more feasible when customers can get online services for their products. 

6. Financial Services 

The financial services of Qatar are profitable. The GDP of Qatar is increasing at a high rate. It gives immense chances for commencing the financial services if you are well acquainted with the policies and financial layouts of the Qatari government. Commercial banking, retail banking, insurance, and wealth management are some of the major parts of the financial industry.

7. IT – Related Business 

Information technology provides many business opportunities like networking, software, biometrics, digital entertainment, mobile, mobile wallet technology, content delivery, and many more. Considering your investment capacity, you can start an IT business in Qatar.

8. Real Estate Agency 

The population of Qatar is increasing rapidly and thus, there is a lack of available housing in Doha. Though the government is taking precautionary steps to control the rental increase, still this sector experiences an increase in the annual rent for apartments and villas between 5-10%. There has been a subsequent rise in the number of new homes to combat this demand. Thus, this can also be a better time to plunge into the real estate industry.


Commencing a business is easier in Qatar compared to the other GCC countries. The above-mentioned businesses are easy to get into if you have proper knowledge in that particular field. So, choose any business of your interest, and research it before you start to commence it.

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