Technology-driven Platform “360Moms” Made For Mothers – Dina Abdul Majeed

Dina Abdul Majeed, Founder & CEO of 360Moms

Being a parent means requiring expertise in multiple aspects, including health challenges, behavioral issues, and everyday concerns in terms of being a mother. The digital era needs a digital solution for this. A few days back, we came across 360Moms when looking for a reliable solution for mothers worldwide. That’s when we decided to interview Dina Abdul Majeed, the Founder & CEO of 360Moms.

The Ultimate Idea Behind 360Moms

360Moms’s mission is about changing the way mothers are supported digitally on a global level! It is an online platform and mobile application that connects mothers worldwide with certified experts, getting their questions answered on health challenges and child behavioral issues. 

They provide low-cost health consultations and a discount program to make medical services affordable to anyone, such as hospital care and medical center services. In addition, they provide free articles and courses in Arabic and English. 

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The company helps over 500,000 monthly users get answers to their everyday health challenges, helping them support their children’s health and wellbeing wherever they are.

The Career Journey & Advice Of Dina Abdul Majeed

We asked Dina about how her inspirational professional journey began. She says, “I began my career studying “Graphic design” which led me to work at media and advertising agencies including working at Yahoo as (Head of the Creatives) in the Middle East and Africa. I have 20 years of experience in online digital solutions, online advertising, branding, and online & offline design. I held leadership positions for most of my career. In 2016, I founded 360Moms.”

She further continues, “My advice to anyone who would like to start their own business is to get some work experience first in the field you are interested in. Next, you should do your market research to ensure you are solving a problem or filling a gap in the market, then gather a winning team that you think are capable of turning your idea into a reality, and finally, gather amazing mentors around you!”

Vision, Teamwork & Positive Energy

We asked Dina about her goals, with which she said, “Our vision is about Empowering mothers to build healthy and successful families by offering them a smart digital personal assistant, helping them with expert answers to their everyday concerns and challenges.”

360Moms team

For goal attainment, one of the most crucial factors, according to us, is teamwork and unity. When talking about this subject, Dina said, “I think that good communications skills, being a fast learner, and being goal-oriented is key to a successful team. In addition, a team needs to work well together and support each other.”

We also asked Dina, “How important are employees’ energy levels to the success of Your Company?”

“It’s vital! Positive energy from the team usually comes from the leaders of the company; offering motivation, appreciation, and involvement in the company’s vision and goals. This helps keep the team’s energy high.” she continues.

During the conversation, we wanted to know how Dina motivates her team to go the extra mile. She said, “As a leader, I ensure to: Listen, appreciate, and work on their progress. In addition, I offer some perks to the team, like flexibility in work hours/place, giving them occasional extra days off, and bonuses. My policy is about focusing on achieving goals instead of work hours.”

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Adaptation, Technology & Innovation With 360Moms

Our next question to Dina was about what helped her tackle challenges during this path. She said, “Being flexible and lenient. We need to adapt according to different circumstances around us; to technology and to change in consumer behaviors.” 

We also emphasized the question, “How do you think technology is leading to business changes? Do you feel it’s helping Your Company grow?”

“Technology is the base of businesses that scale globally, so it’s definitely essential for our business to grow and expand to other regions. It also helps us manage our data to learn more about our users’ behaviors, making it easier for us to understand how to provide effective solutions that support our users.” Dina Abdul Majeed, Founder & CEO of 360 Moms. 

We have digitized all our services, which are now available to users all over the world! We realized how important this is during the pandemic; Internet penetration globally is increasing 34% year over year, and this is a huge opportunity for us to reach users all over the world.” said Dina when we asked her about how her company is adapting to digitalization. 

When we talk about technology and digitalization, innovation also comes to mind. So, we asked her if 360Moms’ team uses innovative ideas for business improvements. 

She said, “Yes, we keep conducting focus groups and surveys to our audiences to understand their needs, and we work on solutions in a personalized, customized approach. Working on improving our solutions and making sure they are better than other solutions is a continuous process that we commit to.”

What services make 360Moms unique?

360Moms parenting program

Our health and parenting mobile application offers:

  1. Tools to mothers so they can track their children’s wellbeing.
  2. Connects mothers with certified experts.
  3. A discount program that helps mothers save money on essential products and services.
  4. Educational on-demand health & online parenting courses.

We are currently focusing on personalizing the experience, and creating a very smooth and easy user experience for mothers, so they can easily track their children’s development and get instant expertise-based answers. 

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