SEOX Website Builder is Probably The Best Short Time Investment For 2023


SEOX Website Builder: Let’s get straight to the point. A guaranteed interest rate of 8.75% per year for your investment is something people will not miss out in 2023. While banks worldwide give, on average 0.8% on the money you park there,  Global Partners Portal LLC in Dubai is changing the  game big time. 

What is SEOX? 

SEOX is a website builder that gives startups, young  entrepreneurs, and everyone else that needs a website  the possibility not only to create a website as easy as 1,  2, and 3 but is the first website builder that has  integrated multiple programs in one package like a huge  SEO checker and advisor. 

The Emirates Times: Why is this making such a difference? 

When we asked the CEO of Global Partners  Portal, Mario Radosavljevic, why it makes such a difference to other website builders, he answered the  following:

Mario Radosavljevic: Every software on the market is  focused on one thing only. For example, being quickly  indexed by Google, having an easy drag-and-drop  design, or simply focusing on Online shop systems. Our  team was going a significant step further. 

Besides using AI to interact with the user’s needs, we  have bundled programs similar to Ahrefs (SEO  analyzer) that cost at least $99 per month and  integrated them for free into our website builder. These  days you need, on average, around $350 $900 per  month to operate a modern website for your small  business, which is crazy to me. 

The Emirates Times: Yes, we are aware of that, but how  and when did these costs grow into these dimensions? 

Mario Radosavljevic: That is an excellent question. The short answer is that everyone is fighting to rank  their website and landing pages on Google’s page one,  and so more and more companies are offering excellent  software to achieve this goal. The only problem is that  those programs are so advanced that normal users can’t  even think of using them. To understand SEO these  days, it would make sense to integrate it into  Universities as part of the education process. 

The Emirates Times: So you have bundled this in one  single package? 

Mario Radosavljevic: Yes, that’s exactly what we did.  With our SEOX software, a 90-year-old person that never ever  made a post on the internet will be able to create a 

website and do proper SEO with the help of AI. The  program interacts with you on your needs, and all you  have to do is follow the advice. 

The Emirates Times: You should have been inventing this  years ago before we made our website (laughter). 

Mario Radosavljevic: (laughing) well, we worked on  this software for years. What sounds so simple is an  Ocean of code to have a seamless and effortless  workflow. 

The Emirates Times: Please tell us more about the  investment opportunity, as it seems that experts are  clear on the fact that it will be one of the best short-term  investments in 2023 and beyond. 


Global Partners Portal LLC Team

Mario Radosavljevic: Part of our team is our finance  partner Pearson Henricks Inc. (14 Wall Street, New  York, NY 10005, USA). Their CEO Mr. Aljosha  Gross and Partner, Mr. Oliver Felber, were very excited  about this project, so they decided to come on board  and bring investors with them. On the other hand,  Mr. Alexander van der Kemp, who was able to finalize a  deal with the Ukrainian Government and Global  Partners Portal, is also on board.

Together we have created a type of Crowd Funding but  face-to-face and not over a faceless platform. Investors  are able to have a Zoom call with the team and ask  them any questions they have. A staggering 8,75%  interest rate is guaranteed, but what also must be clear, we don’t give any shares of the company itself to  whomever.  

The Emirates Times: Very interesting, but why don’t you want to give shares of the company? Will the company  not go public? 

Mario Radosavljevic: Excellent question. Frankly,  when you look at the other players in this field, you will  see WordPress, which has 455 Million users and made  $1,3 Billion in revenue in 2021. Or Wix, with over 200  Million users, made $1,26 Billion in 2021. To me, the  most incredible numbers are made by Shopify, which is  mainly based on shop solutions, and they made with  only 1,75 Million users and an incredible revenue of $4,61 Billion in 2021. 

Looking at these numbers, it is clear that our target of 2  Million users within 2-3 years is an extreme worst-case  scenario and that we probably will have much more than  that. But to answer your question. With the software  launch, we will only aggressively invest in user growth,  and this is where the investments will be placed. 

If we go public in the future it will be decided after the first  growth period, and if it makes sense, we can have this  discussion again later on. 

The Emirates Times: These numbers are incredible! We  heard that the operation will be from Dubai? If yes, why? 

Mario Radosavljevic: Yes, you heard right. Besides the  fact that I am also advising the Private Royal Office for  Dubai and 7 other GCC states on AI development and 

ecommerce solutions, the UAE offers simply unbeatable  operational points worldwide. 

First and foremost, it is one of the most advanced  countries in the world when it comes to AI. The  Government is the most entrepreneur-friendly place on  planet earth, and laws are here changed for the better in  days, not decades, as we were used to in Europe. 

As many say, the middle-east has its Golden Time and  keeps growing at a pace that even China is astonished.  We don’t have to forget that the arab world contains  over 1,4 billion Arab citizens. While we clearly will be  focusing on the US, EU, and Asian markets, one of the  most important things will be the 1,4 Billion Arabs we will  target as clients. Imagine a market that is skyrocketing.  Products will need a platform to be sold. 

While you can use Amazon and Co to sell whatever you  have, people want to know who is behind this seller or  brand. So they will search on Google to see who you  are, and if you don’t have a website, you will lose this  customer.  

The times when customers buy only on decisions of how  good your ratings are is over. Simply because you can’t  trust ratings anymore. Sure, you have the security to get  

your money back from Amazon and Co, but people get  increasingly spoiled, and they want their products now,  not filling in complaints and going back and forth with  returns. Makes sense? 

The Emirates Times: Yes, this makes a lot of sense.  When do you plan to launch the SEOX Website builder?

Mario Radosavljevic: We are in the end phase of the  coding and are already running a beta version to sort  out bugs. Frankly, we want to give your users a smooth  and exciting moment once they start shaping their new  future and so it’s better to take a month or two longer,  but we make sure all bugs are sorted out. 

So to answer your question. It should be in the second  quarter of 2023. 

The Emirates Times: Can people invest already in the  company, or do they have to wait for the software  launch? 

Mario Radosavljevic: We have investors coming on  board daily, and yes, everyone can invest in SEOX now  and benefit from the guaranteed interest rate. 

The Emirates Times: Thank you for this interview.


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