3-day weekend: After UAE, now Saudi Arabia is considering a shorter workweek

shorter workweek
shorter workweek

After UAETimes, Saudi Arabia Decides On Shorter Workweek

According to local media sources, Saudi Arabia is exploring a three-day weekend after the UAE adopted it last year.

According to local media, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development responded to a tweet by stating that it is looking into the idea of extending the weekly leave by three days by reviewing the current work arrangement.

shorter workweek

The remark reportedly came on the ministry’s Twitter account, which is meant to respond to inquiries from its recipients. According to the tweet, the church is periodically evaluating the current work system to enhance job creation and make the market more appealing to domestic and foreign investors. It further stated that a draft of the work system had been submitted for public comment on a survey platform.

On January 1, 2022, the UAE made a historic reform by shortening the workweek and changing the Friday-Saturday weekend to Saturday-Sunday. All government agencies adopted the new approach, and most businesses in the private sector did the same. The office is open just till noon on Fridays.

Nonetheless, a four-day workweek with a new weekend consisting of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was established in Sharjah.

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