Qatar and UAE announce an integrated traffic violation system


The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has declared the launching of a new traffic system that links the UAE and Qatar. The system will exchange information on traffic violations committed by the drivers of both countries.

The officials announced this during the meeting with the Joint Security Committee of the two countries, which was held recently, pinpointing that the system for connecting traffic systems between the two countries had been completed and is launched in an integrated GCC project. 


This motion was followed by many meetings between the committees and technical work teams of the two countries for selecting networks, exchanging documents and linking them with the required services, and piloting the system for enhancing intelligent services.

The MOI also announced last week the rising of a similar project that connects the traffic systems between the UAE and Bahrain. 

As per the officials, the new system aims to increase the quality of life in the context of the GCC societies. 

During the meetings between the officials of UAE and those from Bahrain and Qatar, the authorities discussed various ways to strengthen bilateral relations in the police fields and the plan for the traffic fines linking with the project within the Gulf initiative and also connecting all the countries of the GCC with a technical system for this purpose. 

The MOI said earlier that the meetings also discussed activating yeh regulations and reciprocal linking of the criminal systems.

Conclusion :

The above report presents the declaration of the UAE regarding the traffic violations system with Qatar. It also suggested that the Ministry of Interior launched the project last week that linked the system work Bahrain

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