Money Q Fintech Solutions Under Amit Shrimali Introducing A Digital Money Solution For All

Amit Shrimali, CEO & Founder of Money Q Fintech Solutions
Amit Shrimali, CEO & Founder of Money Q Fintech Solutions

This week, we sat down and had an interesting conversation with Amit Shrimali, the CEO & Founder of Money Q Fintech Solutions. The company is focused on providing a digital solution in the form of a wallet offering Domestic & International Bill Payments, Airtime Recharge, Remittances, QR Code Payments, etc. The idea emerged as a solution for the African Markets but is useful for all the countries worldwide.

Let’s see how Amit Shrimali got the idea for his company and how his journey has been going on.

Starting A Digital Solution For All

First of all, we asked Amit, “What’s the idea behind Money Q Fintech Solutions?”

He replied, “The idea behind MoneyQ is to provide digital solutions primarily focussing the African Markets wherein certain countries people are deprived of using the digital services due to challenges in terms of affordability, accessibility, and poor infrastructure.

MoneyQ desires to fill this gap by offering these solutions via ‘KrosPayz,’ a digital wallet.”

We were impressed with the idea and got curious to know how Amit started his journey exactly, so we asked:

“How did you begin your career journey? Do you have some advice for beginners?”

“I started my working career way back in 1996 by working in various industries like Electronic Manufacturing unit, Dot Coms, Advertising, Travel, Telesales, etc. However, after moving to Dubai in 2006, I landed in UAEXCHANGE Centre LLC and then had an internal transfer to XPRESS MONEY SERVICES Ltd in the business development department. This was a dream job as it involved extensive travel to Africa, Russia & CIS countries. After the group suspended its operations in March 2020, I then started off with Money Q Fintech Solutions Ltd by registering in DIFC – Dubai.

Do you have any advice for beginners?

“Perseverance, dedication & having faith in whatever you do with complete honesty and trust in the Almighty will lead you to your ultimate goal. Positive resultant of failure is that it only teaches you a new lesson & builds roads to success.”

What’s the goal of your company?

Amit says, “the vision of our company is to enhance and provide convenience to the digital experience by facilitating domestic & international payments via a single system.”

Team Spirit And The Four C’s & 1R

“What makes the team successful, in your opinion? We asked Amit.

“Well, I think it is the 4 C’s – Culture, Communication, Cooperation & Coordination & R = Respect for each other play a crucial role in the success of any team in any part of life in any industry.”

His thoughts on team success are incredible. To know more about his thoughts on a team, we asked him, “how important are employees’ energy levels to the success of your company?”

He said, “Without energy, nothing in this world can move. It’s the responsibility of the company/organization to make sure the employees/team members are looked after well, just like a parent looks after their child, for only if they are high in energy levels, the productivity will be qualitative in nature which will thereby lead to deliver a quality product/service in the market.”

Teamwork is also important, but what keeps his company moving even during challenges?

We asked Amit about it, to which he replied, “There’s a focused approach in our company. We are very clear about our company goals, individual goals, and how we can achieve them. We have all the means and resources provided to our team. It keeps our company moving. We don’t take much on our plate. We have a subtle amount on our plate, so there’s no overstuffing or underfeeding.”

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How do you think technology is leading to changes in businesses? Do you feel it’s helping Your Company grow?

“Yes, indeed, I think, like any company, technology also plays a crucial role in my company. The products we offer are based on technology. Better technology leads to convenient services, which helps businesses thrive in the modern market. Hence, we can say that the latest technology helps in growth.

Covid played a very key role in fast-tracking digitalization across the globe. People were forced to use digital platforms for several things – to buy groceries, education, medicines, and pay bills. That’s where the technology really came in. That was the only good thing post covid. Yes, technology does play a key role.” says Amit.

Innovation And Aligned Ideas

Passing through the challenges, creating unique ideas, and helping customers – are all part of a business. We also wanted to know whether innovative ideas play a role in Amit’s business strategies. So we asked him:

“Do you use innovative ideas to be unique?”

“A business without any innovative ideas has already begun the journey to the dead end. There has to be innovation and change because this is the only permanent thing in business. We develop innovative ideas by comparing them to what is available in the market. We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and understand what they would need from our services or products.

And most important here, I think, we would be questioning ourselves, ‘why are we doing this?’ For example, I devised a plan to start Money Q, focusing on the African market. I knew there was potential and a market, but I wanted to understand why I was doing that. I think the WHY factor is very crucial before creating or implementing any idea.” He shares.

Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?

Amit replies, “I would just say that being focused, having a clear objective, and using the right means to achieve your goals, is the prerequisite to being successful in whatever one does in his /her life. These are three key factors that I use in my personal and professional life to ensure that we stay human and succeed in what we do.”

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