The Incredible Leadership Journey of Dagmara Asbreuk

Dagmara Asbreuk, Fouder Of Extraordinary Leadership

Dagmara Asbreuk is a very inspirational leadership & team coach. We recently came across her LinkedIn profile. Seeing what she does and how much inspirational work she has done for many people to thrive sparked our curiosity. We wanted to know more about Dagmara and her business journey throughout the years.

She is also the Founder and CEO of Extraordinary Leadership, a professional coaching and consulting company that helps organizations and leaders to thrive, inspire, and grow. 

Let’s dive into the journey and experiences of Damara Asbreuk in her own words. 

The Inspirational Journey

“What’s the idea behind Extraordinary Leadership?” We asked.


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Dagmara Asbreuk said, “We need more leaders who can inspire, create a positive culture and engage people along the journey. Leaders that are transformative and create human-centred organizations. 

Being a leader is not easy, especially when faced with the speed of change, unpredictable and volatile situations, leading virtually, and shifting needs of employees.

I help leaders discover their potential, thrive and build engaged cultures.

I work with leaders who want to positively impact and transform their teams and organizations. Leaders who want to inspire, build safe space, develop people, foster connection, collaboration, and communication that enables growth, leverage diversity, bring fulfilment and lead to better results.

Our next question was, “How did you begin your career journey? Do you have some advice for beginners?”

“I started my career in the automotive procurement space just after my master’s study.

From the beginning, I liked the dynamic nature of the function, being connected to so many other cross-functional stakeholders, and the impact this function brings to the business.  

I enjoyed most strategic roles, so I created those where I contributed to growing procurement functions.

Stepping into a leading role in the middle of my career, I came across coaching, which helped me profoundly in becoming the leader I wanted to be. Impressed with these transformative experiences, I was passionate about seeking more.

I took coaching education that helped me lead my teams better and increase my impact. During this process, I realized my purpose and dedicated myself 100% to it.

The advice for beginners is to focus on growth, surround yourself with people that can support and challenge you, follow your passions, and explore different roles.” She continued.

The Pathway to Helping People

Knowing about her coaching and consulting skills, we wanted to know how exactly she does all that. So, we asked:

How can your coaching help leaders or aspiring leaders?

She explained, “I help leaders to discover their potential, break through their fears and insecurities, see what makes them ineffective or stuck, formulate their vision, strategy, and habits, and support in taking bold action.

I give my clients access to life-changing experiences and help them become transformative leaders to increase their impact and thrive.

As a result, I see my clients:

  • Raising engagement in their teams,
  • Turning resistors into supporters by leading an organizational change,
  • Building psychological safety and relationships they were not able to build before
  • Reducing stress and gaining positivity 
  • Elevating courage to take actions out of their comfort zone & gain flow
  • Increasing their positive impact.”

“We saw that you have helped several people thrive through your coaching skills. 

What gives you inspiration for this?”

Dagmara continues, “There 3 sources of my inspiration:

First is my purpose and mission – knowing that my work contributes to more positivity, engagement, inspiration, joy, and results. 

Second, my committed clients and their visions of making a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others align with mine. 

The third is the joy and fulfilment I feel when seeing my clients transform and thrive. Seeing that my work touches people’s lives and gives them access to thrive in life and leadership is keeping me inspired.”

Solving Challenges And Supporting Teamwork

“Have you had challenges in your career path? If so, how did you tackle them?” We asked.


Challenges are part of growth and are actually needed to help us grow, so I meet many of them. ☺

I also like challenges – the bigger the challenge, the bigger the growth opportunity.

Throughout my life, I’ve learned that being proactive in seeking support and help while we are challenged is important to succeed.

Therefore I seek support from mentors and coaches who can help me grow, expand and thrive on challenges.” Dagmara.

“What are your views on teamwork? Do you feel it’s crucial for your business?”

She shares, “teamwork is obviously one of the key engines in organizational success, and every company looks into improving teamwork and collaboration.

I spent lots of my time in the corporate world discovering what is truly most important in building highly effective teams, as it was important for me to be that kind of leader who can unleash a team’s potential, and I did go for a coaching education on that side too😊

In general, I love co-creation and collaboration; therefore, today, as an entrepreneur, I actively seek it and projects that I can develop with others- this is the best way to learn, evolve, and increase an impact.”

Digitalization-Driven Growth

Digitalization nowadays is being used by several businesses. Do you think it’s helping your company as well?

“Absolutely. Thanks to digitalization, I can work with clients around the globe from wherever I am. It offers me flexibility and outreach.

Virtual solutions that enable networking, building relationships, engagement, and collaboration are really important to lead my business.” says Dagmara.

What are your career/company’s services plans for the coming next 2 years?

She says, “Expand my business- leverage on technology, increase diverse experiences to my clients and grow self-further – as I’m very conscious that my business grows with my own personal growth.

Strengthen the presence in the region and inspire more from the stage.

Expand on collaboration with other experts and leaders in the industry of leadership, coaching, and transformation to increase the positive impact.”

We also asked, “Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?”

“Focus on growth and take responsibility in transforming yourself to become a better human being and leader who makes a positive impact.”

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